Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/3

It has been a busy week around here.  And try as I might (I brought my sewing kit with me every time I left the house!), I didn't get much stitching done..

The week started with the Dreaming of Stars blog tour, then a book signing and EPP demo on Tuesday, Costas' birthday on Thursday, and in the midst of trying to get the house ready for Jack's birthday party, he came down with a nasty cold.
So the party has been postponed, my dad is flying in from Chicago for a visit tomorrow, and I've got two winners to choose from my two giveaways from last week.  (Still time to enter, Here for the pin cushion, Here for the Dream fabric.  I'll choose winners after lunch, NY time.)  I definitely need to spend more time in the sewing room this week!

But progress on EPP is progress, no matter how small.  I basted all of the remaining templates for the sewing machine cover project and I started stitching together the remaining rings. 

In the top pic you can see the contents of my sewing kit.  It's a disaster area these days-- I switched projects in a hurry and didn't bother with a baggie to hold templates and paperclips.  I've also got a bunch of full spools of thread in there for no good reason.. the beige and grey can totally come out, the rest of this project will be done in ring-specific colors.  I guess between the end of the hex-diamond and the mid-week demo at the library I just let things get tossed around.   Really should tidy up so I don't lose anything!  But I just feel like this ring project will be over soon too, so... let's see what happens over the next week, ok?

Have you been stitching?  Do tell!


  1. Aw, sorry about the illness! Hope everyone feels better soon, and that your dad's visit is enjoyable.

    I love the rings, they're so cheerful! Good job getting the cover templates basted. Lots of progress!

  2. I did smile at your sewing kit, mine is the same, oddments from the last project as well as bits that make no sense at all!
    Enjoy being with your Dad!

  3. Your rings are gorgeous,love them!

  4. Hope everyone feels better soon and that you have a terrific visit with your Dad. The rings look awesome and any progress is good progress! I was in Maine for the weekend and stopped by a quilt shoppe in Portsmouth, NH - Portsmouth Fabric Company - I think that is one that you like too :)

  5. Your machine cover is very pretty and bright. I think I need a machine cover. Did you just measure the machine or did you have a pattern to work from? I'll be watching to see how this progresses so I can try to make one too.


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