Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/28

Good morning!  I have progress to report!
As promised, I pulled out Travel Quilt #5 and started to make some sense of the mess. With our mini vacations inside this big Greek trip, my travel sewing kit has been packed, repacked, repurposed, and tossed around far more than I'm comfortable with.  Right now Travel Quilt #5 resides in a large salad bowl..
With all the chaos, I inadvertently switched the outer colors on some of the diamonds (so much for all that careful pre-trip planning I did back in NY) and now I see I have too many of certain outer colors and not enough balance in some rows.  So for the moment I can't stitch much together until I finish some more.  Motivation to keep going I guess?


  1. they look great! your starting to make progress!

  2. Ooh, what a difference your dark hexies make. "Vive le difference!"

  3. I really like how your stars pop off the dark background.

  4. I really admire all the work that goes into stitching all of those little hexies! I've always wanted to do a hexie scrap quilt, but have never had the patience. Lovely work!

  5. what nice vacationey memories you must be stitching into this quilt :)

  6. Yes, the dark really makes everything stand out! Thanks for setting up this ongoing share-a-thon... it's really fun to see what everyone is making.


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