Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/34

The Chicago Edition..
I brought the boys to visit my mom this week.  Kind of crazy and hectic because I've got classes to prep (I'll go back to teaching again this fall) and two kids to get ready for school, but mom wanted to see them, so we shuffled a few things around to make it happen.
I didn't even pack my sewing in my carry on, as I usually would.  This was my first flight with the two boys on my own and an adventure it was.. almost missing the flight due to NYC traffic, then an hour on the plane, on the ground at LGA, and once we were in the air, they rerouted us to Grand Rapids due to heavy storms over O'Hare.  What seemed like almost an entire day of travel later, I was sitting in my grandma's house with two tired and hungry kids.  The transition has been tough, neither kid likes being away from Costas all day, and I think George especially is not up for the type of "visiting with family" that mainly involves mom sitting with other ladies at the table having coffee.  Not to mention the lack of a video game console in this house.. but I'll do my best to make it more interesting for him as the week goes on.
Here's the few pieces of my new project that I was able to baste this week.  Don't forsee myself getting a lot done while I'm here, but you never know.


  1. I've yet to fly anywhere with more than one child by myself. I do have a trip coming up soon to visit family than involves driving with all three boys by myself for 7 hours than I'm worried about. Good luck on your return flight home!

  2. difficult with the young , I know . I got my 3 grand children for a week . They are 3,4 7 years old . I was happy to play with them .Anyway I needed to show energy for running , jumping etc...
    good week

  3. I've learned that productivity for quilting as well as other life pursuits ebbs and flows. You've made some progress while visiting family with your 2 boys. That's quite an accomplishment and to be celebrated. Things will get easier when the school schedule becomes commonplace. Enjoy your last week together!

  4. I remember flying to MN with my two little boys, and one always got airsick. Yecch! But it's hard to say no to a grandma.


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