Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Star Count 2015/6

Snow day, third Monday in a row.  Thanks 2015, this is a treat.
Today the local schools are open but my (far away) school is closed.  I am home with Jack though, toddler with a fever.  He's cheerful though.  Maybe he'll help me sew later.

This weekend we had another meeting of the Saturday Stitches at Rockville Center Library (twice a month, everyone is welcome!).  I took advantage of the table space and laid out Travel Quilt #5.  Not much has changed.  I completed the brown edged diamond a while back, but I still feel like my diamonds are too similarly-colored on the outer rings to be able to make any conclusive decisions on block placement.  Hmm.  I'll keep working on the black sashing hexies until inspiration strikes, you know how it goes.

Do you have any stitching progress to share?  Please link up English Paper Piecing projects in any stage (basting, piecing, quilting, cuddling) and tell us how your projects are progressing.  Blogs, flickr, instagram.. We'll be happy to pop over and encourage you to keep going this week~


  1. I've been away from hexies for a while and missed the progress on your diamonds. They are very pretty. Lots of work there.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I don't want to say this project has stalled because I still love it, but the momentum isn't there right now.. I started it a year ago this month so that's something to celebrate, right?

  2. I don't have any hexies or EPP projects going right now but I hope to get back to my hexies soon I am hand piecing my hexies not EPP but will share when I get back to them. Love your hexies.

  3. Your diamond pattern is so beautiful! I really like the black sashing which make the colors stand out so lively!

  4. Your blocks look great all together - does it matter how long it takes? You have got one or two other things on, after all!

  5. I think the black sashing looks fine.
    And I'm trying to comment on other people's blog posts, but my computer is having some major issues with the "I'm not a robot" checkbox...I'll keep trying, but please don't be made if it doesn't work out, or if everyone's getting five of the same comments from me!

  6. Loving the black sashing between your diamonds. So lovely and you have made good progress. I am finally back to working on my stars.

  7. I absolutely love the way this looks! Hope the little one feels better real soon!

  8. Love the way this is looking! May need to put a diamond design on my list to do next!

  9. Ok, I'm cheating- I put the same link here that I put up very late last week. But I'm just so happy that I got started on this daunting step of joining the main piece to the borders! I'm almost a third of the way done already, and I'm very excited to finish the top. Happy sewing, everyone!


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