Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Morning Star Count, June 15th

I spent so much time on the Spider Web this past week that I haven't even touched Travel Quilt #5.  While tearing apart the sewing room for appropriate binding fabric though, I finally found my 1.5" pentagon templates which I'm going to use for my project in Diane Gilleland's All Points Patchwork blog hop, the Halloween portion.

Yes, I've got months, but I still can't find my Halloween prints and I want to get working on it soon.  The project concept is solid, but the actual design and fabric placement is still up in the air so I want to make some units and get my ideas in order, you know?

I was so happy to see such a nice response to my MMSC link up revival.  You guys are awesome, and some of you have been sewing up a storm!  If you haven't seen everyone's links from last week, scroll down to the post.  If you've got some progress to show (even if it's just finding a pack of templates!), tell us about it and how it makes you feel.  Can't wait to see who joins up this week~



  1. Halloween will be here before you know it! it seems like time goes by so fast these days. The pentagons look interesting, but I am so hooked on hexagons. I'm starting a new colorful project this week.

  2. Many times without playing with hexies.Happy sewing!

  3. I'm so glad you're doing the Monday star count again! I love seeing what everyone's working on.

  4. I'm happy this is back! Such a fun community. Maybe someday I will get myself together enough to link up on a Monday :)


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