Sunday, December 1, 2019

Unexpected surprise

I brought Charlie (my chocolate point Siamese) with me to Rich's this weekend and I always bring a quilt from home so he feels comfortable and has a home base that smells familiar.  By the end of the weekend he had claimed Rich's computer chair, so he definitely made himself at home, but that's not what this post is about.  I had Travel Quilt #5 on the quilt next to Crumplequiltskin and I was shocked to find that the quilts looked... the same.  Both are dark with bright scraps, but as I was making them, separately, years apart, I remember thinking that this use of dark really wasn't "me".  But here we are.  Two of my recent finishes happen to look.. incredibly similar and an awful lot like me.

Travel Quilt #5 started on a car ride to Virginia, spring 2014?  I put the borders on and quilted it in 2018 and then it sat on my couch with pins in it, waiting for some perle cotton.  A few lines of quilting got stitched in one corner, but I don't know if I'll do the rest.  The machine quilting will definitely hold it together and when the urge to hand quilt strikes, I've got a project ready to go.  

Crumplequiltskin happened this past fall.  I spent the end of the summer just making crumb blocks and playing with layouts in my new sewing studio.  I grabbed a stack of blocks and added a few borders and trimmed them into huge blocks (16"x20"?).  This top went together very quickly and was just the right amount of sewing for me to focus on at the time.  I had it long armed through The Quilt Tree in Nyack and the binding went on shortly after.  It was made specifically for Rich's couch.  62" x 93".  Rich thinks it's for him, but really, Archie has claimed it.  

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