Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A reintroduction

My name is Jessica Alexandrakis and a long time ago I started a quilt blog.

I quilt pretty much every day.  There are certainly times where I'm more focused on one project than another, but I usually have multiple quilts going on at the same time.  I love pulling fabric, using up scraps, whipstitching (EPP and BINDING!!) and taking a finished quilt out of the wash.  I hate measuring, squaring up, fixing mistakes, and fiddly machine paper piecing patterns.  We all like what we like, you know?  I also like writing.  sharing. documenting and rereading my journey with making soft housewares to be USED.  I am not an art quilter.  I don't do embellishments.  I don't do matchy matchy.   I follow my gut and make what I want.  Sometimes I make the quilts that want to be made, without much forethought.  At any rate, I enjoy the process and I want to share it here with you all.

I just told my 7 year old that I used to write a blog and I told him what it was--  A way for people to tell their own stories online.  He said he had lots of stories, so we agreed to make more time for paper journaling. 
And for me, I want a facebook/instagram free 2020, but I'm writing here because I am open to connecting in other ways. 

Pen pals
1x mail exchanges
Mail art
Holiday exchanges 
Round Robins (I'm dying to do a row by row...)
Kids letters/packages.

I have been using the internet now for 23ish years... I don't want to become a recluse but I want to enjoy how I interact with others online, and commercialized social media platforms haven't been having a positive impact on me for a long time.  I'm still looking for ways to connect with quilters in real life too, but somehow the demands of modern life, work, parenting... there are so few hours in the week.  I won't give up though, there are too many good stories to tell.

Please follow, no, connect with me here.  ♡


  1. Hello Jessica. I've been following your blog for years and you and your first book 'Quilting on the Go" are the reason I re-discovered EPP after a gap of 35 years! I loved making my own Travel Quilt with all its stories and memories. Keep writing and good luck to your son in his writing.endeavours.

  2. HI Jessica! I was so happy to see your post in my in box! I EPP because of you! I bought your first book and have been addicted ever since! I'm so glad to connect again!

  3. Felice di rileggere un tuo post. Spero nel futuro più spesso. Buona scrittura e a presto

  4. I haven't quilted in years, my poor EPP is all ready except the border and I can't be bothered! But I'm still subscribed to you, so I'll be reading.

  5. Hey Jessica this is where I found you and on flicker...this is where i still will find you. I have given up Instagram as well, its a time sucker and I am not on fb so I understand what you are trying to accomplish..bravo girl :0) Balance

  6. Welcome back, Jessica! I'm still here.

  7. Hi Jessica, I amfrom England. I will be reading your blogs

  8. The Long Island quilters are having their quilt show this April. Deadline for submission is coming up soon. I have all the info. Please let me know asap if you want to enter anything.


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