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an update..

Still plugging along at my papers.. two more weeks to go and I should be finished (or, royally screwed).  I have not been stitching much, not even to relieve stress because I've found that a total quilting hiatus is really necessary to keep my focus.  When I need a break from writing I find myself watching old episodes of new-to-me favorite shows, like Ugly Betty (and yes, the Glee addiction is still pretty strong), thank god for Netflix!
We had a playdate this morning with Merrill and Sabrina and I took the opportunity to snap some photos of Merrill's diamond star quilt, which, btw, is offically bigger than mine.  Isn't it amazing? 
I loved looking at them side by side-- her quilt totally reads pink/purple to me, but I had to ask her to know what mine read as.. she claims green & blue.  Do you agree?

Embrace what you have

And love where you are in life.
I had a very wonderful day yesterday doing all sorts of things I love and as we drove home (singing along to the radio) I realized there's no place in the world I'd rather be than here, nothing else I need in my life than what I have around me.  I haven't felt so peaceful and satisfied in a long time. 

But there's more.  It's about embracing what you have.  Using the things and fabrics you love.
I had the chance to sew with Victoria for a few hours after our meeting yesterday and I limited myself by only bringing an armload (I was going to say "handful" but that's a lie) of fabrics and working from there.  I didn't know what I was making, I just pulled and cut from these fabrics that I had been hoarding.  fabrics that I feel capture my personality, express where I am now, and really represent me as a quilter.  Some of these precious fabrics have been holed up in the closet for years.. enough.  When I look at the qu…