Friday, April 29, 2011

an update..

Still plugging along at my papers.. two more weeks to go and I should be finished (or, royally screwed).  I have not been stitching much, not even to relieve stress because I've found that a total quilting hiatus is really necessary to keep my focus.  When I need a break from writing I find myself watching old episodes of new-to-me favorite shows, like Ugly Betty (and yes, the Glee addiction is still pretty strong), thank god for Netflix!
We had a playdate this morning with Merrill and Sabrina and I took the opportunity to snap some photos of Merrill's diamond star quilt, which, btw, is offically bigger than mine.  Isn't it amazing? 
I loved looking at them side by side-- her quilt totally reads pink/purple to me, but I had to ask her to know what mine read as.. she claims green & blue.  Do you agree?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Embrace what you have

And love where you are in life.
I had a very wonderful day yesterday doing all sorts of things I love and as we drove home (singing along to the radio) I realized there's no place in the world I'd rather be than here, nothing else I need in my life than what I have around me.  I haven't felt so peaceful and satisfied in a long time. 

But there's more.  It's about embracing what you have.  Using the things and fabrics you love.
I had the chance to sew with Victoria for a few hours after our meeting yesterday and I limited myself by only bringing an armload (I was going to say "handful" but that's a lie) of fabrics and working from there.  I didn't know what I was making, I just pulled and cut from these fabrics that I had been hoarding.  fabrics that I feel capture my personality, express where I am now, and really represent me as a quilter.  Some of these precious fabrics have been holed up in the closet for years.. enough.  When I look at the quilts on our beds I think what I love about them is the fabrics.  So the quilts I want to be making have to be made of something I already treasure, treasure so much that I am willing to take time to transform it into something useful, something new to have and hold. 

I don't know where this piece is going, and it probably won't go anywhere for a while (I really need to buckle down with that school work..) but I'm glad I had a chance to spend time, sit and get to know another quilter a little better.  There's an awful lot behind the quilts, behind the blogs, that can't be gained without real interaction.  I have felt puzzled lately about the role the internet is playing in society these days, and on a personal level, the ways in which it has shaped my life over the last 10 years  (college reunion coming up.. is this why I'm all the sudden so reflective?).  Of course it is a way to connect with people-- new friends and old, but so many of those "connections" are just superficial.  It really takes effort to push beyond that, building friendship still takes time.  I think the internet, the sheer vastness of it, enables people to spread themselves too thin.  To try everything, to read every blog.. what are we left with?  To many ideas and a stiff neck.  I feel better since I've pulled back in the last 6 months, selectively reading and participating (in quilt blogland mainly, and other social networking as well).  Trying to find focus that makes my time online more meaningful to me.  It's nice when someone mentions drama in the online quilting community and I'm completely oblivious.  (Yay~ I didn't waste my time with that headache!) but I digress..
When you spend time with people and learn what is important to them, it gives you a lens through which you can take another glance at your own situation.  A guild meeting and a few hours spent with V, and I have gained a new appreciation for all the mundane things that my life is made up of.  Thanks guys.

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