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Digging the UFOs out of the closet

and working towards getting them done, one at a time..

Procrastination Complete

I'm not really procrastinating from anything now, and it's almost hard to remember how stressful and crazy life was last semester when I was trying to finish my Masters, but I'll always have this quilt to remind me.. Dubbed "Procrastination in Blue and Orange", it was pieced in a 36 hour period in February '11 when I took a much needed break from searching for a research topic.  I piece it, loved it, and promptly forgot about it as the chaos of grad school engulfed me again.  (click here for earlier posts about my process)
I took my time piecing the back, trying several creative layouts to make the most of stash fabrics before settling on one that incorporated our entire last name pieced in 4" high letters.  (sorry, no full pics.  The internet doesn't allow us that much privacy, but I can try). 

I quilted it according to my original plan, with only slight adjustments for the spirals in the center of each circlish-thing.

  I haven't washed it yet…

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I made it!  With only 8 hours left in the quilt festival, I managed to finish my quilt and blog about it.  Now let's hope that some people start browsing the festival links from the bottom of the list...

Today I'm happy to show off my little owl miniquilt.  This project was underway for a long time.. I bought the owl panel at Yuzawaya in Tokyo in 2007, when C and I were desperate for kids but devastated by infertility.  I was sure one day I'd have a little family, and I'm very very happy that my dreams came true. I started the miniquilt when I was getting ready to try for baby #2, thinking, "OMG, I have to use this awesome panel before we have 2 little owls!" and worried how I was going to applique the next kid's owl on there.  Haha.  well, let me just tell you, getting pregnant isn't as easy as they told you it would be in high school..
The quilt sat, basted, with a couple lines of quilting in it for over a year as other projects kept bumping i…