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Felt Stockings

Last year Nifty posted her felt Christmas stocking and surmised it must have been a popular style in the 1950s..
I must agree with her.  My mother is one of 8 children and these stockings hang on my grandmother's fireplace every year.  I believe grama made each one, and I remember noticing as a kid that the older the sibling, the more complex the stocking.. (Mom was the youngest, I think her felt figures were glued on..).  Didn't phase me much growing up that Grandma had raised 8 kids, but now as I struggle day to day to stay sane with my only child, I wonder how she did it.
(Christmas 1966?)

In age order:

And for the record, I bought George's stocking from Pottery Barn..
(George's first Christmas, 2008)


  1. that makes me smile! I have my stocking that my grandmother made for me! It is felt and sparkly, has rudolph on it and has my name on it in gold (like Chris') and my youngest cousin has the same one! Mom was the youngest of 10 and there were 30 grandchildren and grandma made ALL of ours! It is something that makes me smile every year! My Mom made ones for my three kids and I think of her every year when I hang them!

  2. Those are great!! I remember my mom made felt stockings for all of us that were appropriate for our age at the time. Mine had a saddle shoe, my brother a skate, dad had a wingtip, mom had a high heal. I wish I knew where they were now . . . I think they may have bee recycled years ago. What a fun memory! Glad you have photos of all your aunts and uncles stockings! Lisa (blogger is not letting be myself here)

  3. These are wonderful to see! It makes me want to know more about the felt stocking trend and patterns of the day. It almost makes me want to make one too. Thanks for the show. Very happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. Wow yeah eight kids would be overwhelming! And she made stockings, what a woman!! They are all so cute and the comment at the end made me laugh! Adorable picture :)
    Oh and I have 2 kids and no stockings - they will be having pillow cases this year!!

  5. Merry Christmas Jess & clan !! We'll miss you this year. I had been looking forward to talking with you about your experience teaching in Japan. I'm madly in love with the most beautiful young woman in Thailand and am seriously thinking of retiring there as a teacher :)

    Stocking note: I never liked my stocking... From me on down they were all of lesser quality. The one for Chris is not her original one. Maybe she didn't like hers either.

  6. Thank you for posting these, Jessica! I was going to link to the post I (thought I) wrote about my felt stocking form the 1950s, but I can't find it and am wondering, have I never written about it?!
    I'm hoping to make two stockings in a similar style for next year. Your photos will be invaluable research! Hope you've enjoyed a wonderful holiday!


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