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Greater than

Lately I've been feeling a little.. frustrated.  Plans I've made have fallen through, goals I've set don't seem like they'll ever happen-- just one set back after another.  I have been trying to stay positive and cheerful, ever optimistic, but the truth is, all the bumps in the road were taking their toll.
I needed a  pick me up, so I set my timer for 15 minutes, and I just pieced and pieced, cut and ironed, and finally that box of crumbs I was saving for "some day" started to take shape.
Another sewing session after the kids went to bed and I've got a start on something..

I have wanted a mini quilt for the wall of our apartment here in Athens for a looooong time, so I think that's where this piece is headed.  Something to remind me to keep my chin up, something to help me get my creative energy back and centered.  A piece to remind me I am greater than all the crap that's trying to pull me down. 

I feel better.
It needs to be bigger still, but not tonight.


  1. beautiful! i like to say, when the 'stuff' is really piling up... i am bigger on the inside... :) i donno, it helps. . . and look what you can make! niiiice...

  2. There's strength and direction in this piece Jess - particularly with those triangles pointing like arrows onwards and upwards. Absolutely keep your chin up, hugs Chris x

  3. 15 minutes of play is a wonderful thing...priceless. Keep you chin up.

  4. Love your piece - very YOU! Keep your chin up Girl and Quilt On!

  5. Hi!!!! It will be beautiful on your wall!!!! It cheers me up!!!!! It shows your strong even when things get rough!!!! hugs

  6. Keep sewing! I'm excited to see what this becomes!

  7. I love that 'something out of nothing' happening activity, its therapeutic isnt it!
    Nice work too and pat yourself on the back for innovative piecing and recycling lol
    I no longer set myself goals ( unless its for a birthday etc) because I figured I was setting myself to frequently fail and decided it was kinder on my soul to go with the flow, when life and mood intervenes lol
    The older I get, the more I reckon I deserve to ease off the goal setting and allow myself to enjoy more, and stress less!
    Glitches are a nuisance but look! you had time to play, create and achieve a start on a new piece of work! Bonus : )
    Loved the black combo in your previous post too............ hexi's are the ultimate therapy!

  8. Remember, if you can, that whenever you are in a slump, your kind generous sharing of all your skills on this website and in your book is inspiring people all around the world, in the most unlikely places. Thanks to you, others are making their own little creations, big and small, to make their own worlds brighter and help them keep their own chins up. As I packed boxes for a big move (to Italy, for a year), I carefully laid your book in a large cardboard box, excited to think of reopening it in a few weeks, when I'll need something familiar amongst all the new emotions and experiences. I might not have as much time to sew then as I hope and fantasise now, but having beautiful things around me will already be a lovely first step. Keep going, one small piece at a time, until we can all join you on a Greek beach and stitch together. xx JJ

  9. nothing like a bit of stitching to cheer a gal up!

  10. What a great idea to cheer oneself up, I need to do that. And all Athens apartments could use some extra color, this will look great in Greece.

  11. Sewing blocks or stitching is always a pick me up kind of activity...your mini quilt will be so beautiful when finished...hopefully this will help you get over the bump in the road more quickly or at least with a smile on your face...hoping your day/night will be a great one.

  12. My daughter and I were just having a conversation about plans that fall through and how it can be depressing so I get it and I think your solution is beautiful!

  13. When I saw your piece it said Castles by the Sea :) how cheerful.

  14. Sewing is therapy !! Plans that fall through sometimes give you unexpected good surprises - like more time with family or a simple ride in the car to see some blues and greens. Hope your spirits continue to lift. Hugs to you and those 2 sweet boys (and hubbie too).


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