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Talking, talking

I was shy as a kid.  Would you have guessed?
I didn't often fit in outside of family situations, I often felt self-conscious or unprepared for interaction.  I was a quiet observer, able to entertain myself for long stretches of time.  I like my own company.  I like being alone.
This probably doesn't sound strange to that many of you, assuming we're all quilters.  It is a solitary hobby after all (most of the time), but there is also a wonderfully social aspect to it.  I love guild meetings because it's ok to sit and observe or get up and talk.

I got over my shyness sometime in high school, I guess.  At 16 I had the lead in the high school musical..  Yes, I was still self-conscious sometimes and often unprepared, but I learned to trust my instincts, to lead with intuition, and basically to "wing it" most of the time.  I like the me that comes out without too much forethought.
Maybe that came out wrong.  I do think, I actually spend a lot of time think…

Monday Morning Star Count, October 19, 2015

I emptied my pentagon travel case and returned the special notions to their usual spots in the sewing room this week.  I've decided to work a bit on Travel Quilt #5 in preparation for my upcoming EPP Lecture in Williston Park this Wednesday.  I'd like to have something big to show off.
Not much progress to show, but I'm prepped for when free time appears.

What have you been working on?  If you have several EPP projects going at once, how do you keep them separate and do you pack different notions in each case or do you switch them out?  I'd love to hear how it works for you guys.

Spooky All Points Patchwork Blog Hop!

This is the Halloween leg of the All Points Patchwork book tour...
Diane has really made this super fun, pulling together English Paper Piecers for different themed challenges month after month.  All week people have been showing off their Halloween themed EPP projects and today it's my turn:

Halloween Pentagon Table Runner

A couple years back, when I met my friend Eri, she was working on a blue and white pentagon pattern, alternating two fabrics and piecing together rings of 10 shapes each.  I was deep in a hexie addiction at the time and couldn't quite understand what you would do with all these little rings of pentagons, but filed the idea away under "cool" in my mental library and decided to try it when I had a chance.

Rings of pentagons, it so happens, are AWESOME for fussy cutting cute novelty prints.  I even played with stripes, which I'm not that comfortable with.

I made a bunch of rings from 1.5" and 1" pentagons and started playing around with …

Monday Morning Start Count, October 12, 2013

This is where I'm at with the pentagon runner.  My day for the Halloween Blog Hop is Friday, so please come back and see how much it changes before then.

Monday Morning Star Count, October 5, 2015

Post and pics coming soon.  I have lots to say, but first, the linky: