Monday, December 14, 2015

There has been no sewing.  No fabric fondling.  Not a hint of quilt making going on at my place in the past week.  I did unpack some boxes and find a bunch of forgotten UFOs (2012 Christmas quilt, anyone?), but the machine sits, in my bedroom, untouched.  I even stacked up all my EPP and applique project boxes to make room for other things.  Maybe next week, who knows?

This weekend we tackled Christmas cards.
We also hung out at the playground, read The Stinky Cheese Man, and played with the train set.  I may have even gotten a nap.. I woke up on the couch at some point completely covered in stuffed animals..

So yeah, good weekend.  No sewing.
How about you?


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


A couple boxes each day and I'm managing to unpack my new life.
This one was full of "keepsakes from Japan"

See my old cell phones?  J-Phone, hehe.  A flip phone, and it was powder blue.  I loved that thing.  K-tai straps, natsukashii~.  I found a bunch of notes from my old students (I taught at a high school in Hokkaido in 2001-2002) and going away presents from my friends.  For some reason I also saved all the points cards from all the shops I went to that year, including Kanariya <3 p="">
So, I found the sewing table.

 And then I buried it again so we could have our first play dates last weekend.
 I'm happy to report it looks much tidier now (though it's far from being in order or actually tidy-- but everything is relative), and Cricket is happy to have a constant source of entertainment for her curiosity.

We managed to get the tree up too (though it only has 3 ornaments at the moment).  Fingers crossed we can add more this weekend.  And that Jack treats the tree a bit better this year than last year...

Home Ec Club is making christmas ornaments tomorrow, if they come out cute, I'll try to get photos.

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