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Double Wedding Ring Challenge

I made it, I'm home!  I just dropped my bags (didn't even touch the laundry) and sat right down to write my post for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge!

(ok, I lied.  I took a nap, fed the kids, and signed George up for swimming lessons first.  But now that they're all sleeping off their jetlag.. I finally have a minute to myself~)

Have you ever seen a DWR quilt in person?  For some reason, every time someone pulls one out at a guild show-n-tell it leaves a deep impression on me.  They always elicit a great response from the crowd..   oohs and ahs.  The curves!  the tiny pieces! the CURVES!

 I have never tried to make one, but that might change this year.  The NYC Metro Modern Guild is hosting a DWR challenge through December.  All the details and instructions for entering can be found here.  There are categories suited for every quilter, and there are PRIZES!   And while I've got a good 10 quilts I should be making, and another 5 I want to make, I'm really tempted to jump in here..
I do own one DWR.. it is hanging in my sewing room.  Here, have another look:
Yes, the patches are only slightly larger than my fingernail.  It's an amazing piece-- hand pieced and hand quilted by my mentor, Kikuyo Kubota in Hokkaido, Japan.  The whole piece measures 15" x 19". 
If I give it a try, I'll go with larger patches, of course.  And I'd like to encourage you to try to make something with these curves for the challenge too..
The generous people at Simplicity have sent me a set of Darlene Zimmerman's EZ quilting DWR templates to give away to one lucky reader.  Please leave a comment on this post telling me how you feel about curves-- in quilting, in life, in nature, in design.. (and give it some thought, more than just "Oh, I love them!").  I'll choose a winner on Sunday.  (Domestic and International entries welcome~)
The templates make large rings, btw-- a twin sized quilt would be 5 rings x 6.

So are you ready to start your Challenge entries?  Here's a bit of information from the NYC Mod Guild site:

This is a challenge FOR EVERYONE, All quilters… of any style from Anywhere! This is an international challenge.


SMALL: ONE RING! Easy! size: under 20″ or smaller… This is a great way to play and learn your curves, and try your own version of making this fun design!

TRADITIONAL: 4 rings or larger…  Make the traditional double wedding pattern by using the template and your choice of fabrics…not straying to far from the traditional style. Four rings or larger for this category… must have three layers and bound.

MODERN:  4 rings or larger… ANYTHING GOES!  How can you interpret the double wedding ring, put a MODERN spin on a traditional design? Piece it, applique, fuse, whole cloth? Possibilities are ENDLESS!!!  No rules other then, it must have three layers and bound.

You don’t need to use Darlene’s Double Wedding Ring templates to enter, but we’d sure like it if you did! Any double Wedding ring template will work.

EZ Double Wedding ring challenge and single arc is available at or at your local store. You do not have to use this template to enter the contest.


Images must be uploaded by Dec 1st.  Winners will be announced Dec 15th, 2013  **Winning quilts with need to be sent in by January 1st.

I am at the tail end of the Challenge Blog Hop, but please go around and stop by all the blogs.  Most have templates to give away, and you just might get lucky!

July 8th
​NYC MOD​ Quilters
 July 9th
Emily Bailey
Shelly Pagliai -
July 10th
Amy Ellis
Faith Jones
July 11th
Amy Smart

July 12th
Dan Rouse
Elisa Albury
July 13
Jenny Cameron
July 14th
Jane Davidson
July 15th
Joanna Wilczynska
Jackie Kunkel-
July 16th
Kathy Doughty
 July 17th
Lisa Mason
Flaun Cline
 July 18
Pat Sloan
Jessica Alexandrakis (That's me!)
 July 19th
Jacquie Gering
Lee Heinrich
Monica Solorio-Snow


  1. Why I love curves... Actually, before you asked, I just could have told you: I do. And I already have a design for the challenge.
    But now that I'm actually pondering the "why" of it, they are organic shapes, soft, flowing, make me think of water and wind, of landscapes with green hills. (uh, I'm getting sort of mushy here...)
    In short, I think curves are the soft and earthy part of my quilt making, the calmer quilts. Whereas the sharp angles are the fire and ice, just as beautiful, but meant for other times and sensations.

  2. Aaaah, curves! These seem to be part of my whole life :
    - I'm living in a countryside village, with lots of curvy landscapes,
    - my dear hubby could be described as a "square", with his logical mind, while my own fantasy temper makes me feel like a "circle",
    - 4 kids and years passing by brought many curves onto my body, and - though not so esthetic - each one is part of my story ;>)
    - I do love having my whole family around our table, trying to maintain strong bindings betwween each one in the circle, ...

    I could go on with many other examples, just let me add that the Double Wedding Ring block is fascinating me, of course, and that I'm dreaming of making such a quilt.

    THANK YOU, dear Jessica, for giving us a chance to win that beautiful set of templates!


  3. I embrace my curves (40 DD)!

  4. If I had the template I might be tempted to enter. Just saying.

  5. I love curves in nature: female figure, flowers, the waves of the ocean. I have never quilted/ pieced curves and I would love to try on this quintessential quilt!

  6. I have never attempted the DWR but have always admired them. Would love to win the templates so I could give it a try. Cannot wait to see the entries.

  7. I have never attempted the DWR but have always admired them. Would love to win the templates so I could give it a try. Cannot wait to see the entries.

  8. I just bought your book. Although quilting for years, I will soon be going through Chemo and wanted a project I could carry in and do during treatments. Looking forward to starting this project!!

  9. I love curves but have been incredibly intimidated to use them in quilting. The task seems so daunting. I definitely want to give the DWR quilt the good old college try!

  10. Curves in life are just fine - beautiful sometimes, as in the face of a child or fluffy clouds in the sky. Curves in the road of life keep things interesting. Curves in sewing are okay, too. I've certainly put in my share of sleeves and facings. But curves in quilting? That's a little scary. However, I used Darlene Zimmerman's Dresden Plate ruler and made a marvelous Dresden Plate quilt, so I am fully confident that this ruler will be as fantastic making a Double Wedding Ring quilt. There is definitely a DWR quilt in my future, now!

  11. I have made one quilt with curves, and it was tough, but I persevered. I feel the same about when life throws you curves. You come out better on the other side so being it on. I would love to try a double wedding ring. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. DWR has been on my to do list for years. Maybe now is the time try it. I have made a couple of quilts with curves and they weren't as bad as I thought. I like curves when driving, makes me feel like a race car driver! LOL

  13. I do love curves in general. I have very few sharp corners in my home. I am currently working on an appliqué quilt with a lot of circles but haven't managed pieced curves yet. I do have the Double Wedding Ring on my Bucket List though so would love those templates!

  14. I've never tried sewing a curve, but I do have experience of curves. I'm definitely what you'd call curvey (if you were being polite). I do think women look gorgeous and sexy with curves, but mine are a bit too curvy...

  15. Curves scare me a little, since I'm never sure I can get them to lay flat ... I did successfully piece a few Drunkard's Path blocks with the sewing machine. Seems like a Double Wedding Ring quilt pieced by hand, instead of machine, would make the curves scare me less. But then again, since we're talking a much-shallower curve with DWR than with Drunkard's Path, I suppose it would be totally do-able, once the zillion template-pieces are cut ...

  16. Curves are essential in life. The ups and downs, the curves and valleys. Curves make you appreciate the beauty in life.

  17. I took a motorcycle safety/licensing class quite awhile ago and they said the secret to curves is to turn your whole head toward the outcome of the curve, slow down before you reach the turn, and then accelerate through it. I hope this will help me with my double wedding ring once I win these rulers. ;)

  18. How do I feel about curves? Well in quilting I am in fear, have never tackled them, in life, I have curves on my hips and I like them lol, in design, well you know those psychedelic poster that have "curves" and circles that move and swirl, well I just don't see them EVER, what does that tell you I wonder! Good competition and I LOVE LOVE your wallhanging. Fi

  19. Curves? LOVE them. love them EVERYWHERE.... NY beauties, drunkards path, sawtooth, double wedding rings. LOVE them. As an instructor I love teaching them too!

  20. Well, I love curves everywhere but for sewing. So maybe it is a matter of having the right tools to get over the sewing curve phobia... Thanks for a chance!

  21. I've never tackled a Double Wedding Ring either, but it's never too late to learn...I hope!

  22. It must feel really good being back home!!

    Mmm...curves, are really really intimidating, but this challenge seems really cool..and "challenging", maybe I should give it a try...
    In real life curves are a simple reality, if you know what I mean!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  23. The DWR quilt you have is so lovely!

  24. I love curves in almost everything except quilting! Sewing any kind of curves frightens me!

  25. Beautiful DWR - I think if I try, it will definitely have to be bigger than 15"x19". Thank you.

  26. Well I have too many curves in all the wrong places like my hips etc lol. But when it comes to quilting I am starting to enjoy curves after some practise. I'm still at the stage of taking them very slowly and they seem to be coming out ok.
    Many thanks for the giveaway x

  27. I have master curves in quilting with the pattern winding ways and have made several of these ring with all those small bits I don't know.....I think the templates would really help and I would like to make one. I have antique one that is falling apart so maybe I should make a replica :0).

    Welcome home and thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Sewing

  28. I am no longer intimidated by curves as I once was - as long as they are not too small and tight. I would love a chance to win these templates as I am sure they will help with the entire process.

  29. I actually DID make one DWR quilt - years ago! It was one of those make-it-fast quilts that sometimes turn out bettr than those you stew about and plan for months/years, you know? I banged it together in something like a week - and it's one of my favorite achievements - and I used only two rings! I do love curves - the arches in my old house, circles and spirals on fabric, rounded edges on furniture - and don't mind sewing them, although I haven't used them for a while now. This might be the time to try again.

  30. I love curves because it reminds me of a love that is eternal, unending, overwhelming, all consuming, 100% devoted, selfless, giving and lasts infinitely even beyond death. A love that possesses you and becomes a part of you forever and always. I like that this type of quilt is called a wedding ring because the infinite symbol of a circle inspires a love that continues to flow through the good, the bad and the ugly times of life. If I'm blessed enough to win one of these templates. I plan to make this wedding quilt inspired by my own beach wedding in my wedding color theme of blue & green. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Karen @ Dixieland Crafts

  31. I can sew a sleeve in a garment, but when it comes to quilting...I panic at the thought. I doesn't make sense, it's just in my head that way. I read on a blog earlier in the hop (don't remember who) to use fabric glue instead of pins, I want to give that a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Curves in nature always excite me...they show how nature tends to follow the flow of life on every level...take trees in NO they are massive, old and have many limbs that are curved either up or down and back up quilting curves used to intimidate me...not anymore as I have learned to tackle them the slow and easy rush when it comes to tackling those curves...I would love to win this set of templates...I have wanted to make a double wedding ring for a while parents will celebrate 60yrs of marriage next March 1...I think this would be a great gift to help them celebrate with. Thank you for the opportunity to win this set...

  33. I love curves in quilts, although they challenge my natural antipathy for pins. Thanks for the chance to win a set of templates. Would love to give them a try for this challenge!

  34. I myself am a curvy girl, and I am drawn to designs with curves in them, but for some reason I have never done much with curves in my quilts. Fear of the unknown, maybe? I have recently been playing with long soft curves in piecing--like curved stripped piecing.

  35. Haven't made a DWR, yet. And curves? Let's just say I've got a few too many on this body of mine, but would like to learn how to make them in quilts!

  36. I have never quilted curves, but I would really like to give it a try. I love curvy roads and curvy roller coaster's, weeeehhh....

  37. I am a little leery of curves in quilting. I have made 4 small Drunkard's Path blocks for a sampler, and they were not that hard. I love the way the DWR quilts look and want to make a table runner first. It will definitely be larger than the one you own! :-). Thanks for the chance to win a set of templates,tat would Mae the cutting a lot easier.

    1. I totally dislike auto correct! :-(

  38. Curves

    I find curves to be a challenge (especially keeping my old body curves ;-) ) but who doesn't love a good challenge????

    And who hasn't had to overcome a few curve balls thrown their way? Challenges...

    Travels on a curvy road are so much more interesting than travels down a straight road. What do you think is just around the next curve? A challenge?

  39. I haven't experienced curves in quilting yet. I have been a good little quilter and stayed on the straight and narrow(1/4"). Now I'm ready to bust loose and give curves a try. I really like the way curves can move in any direction and contrast with the straight lines in quilts as well as made made object. I just visited a museum in Ottawa, Canada where there are no corners only curves, because evil spirits can hide in corners!

  40. I have never even been tempted to try curves in quilting! They scare me! I guess I am probably the same way in real life--I enjoy predictable things, not spur of the moment things. I AM growing and stretching, however, as your new book has inspired me to try hexagons. I realize they are not curves, but they DO have Y seams which had previously scared me so I am making progress! Haven't been brave enough to link up on Mondays yet, though. . . Love these templates--they make curves seem doable! See how you are stretching me and making me grow? ;)

  41. Surprised you aren't going to paper piece one!

  42. I like curves combined with squares or rectangles. In our living room we have 2 round tables and then lots of squares-pillows, art, a mirror. The combo of geometrical shapes is pleasing. Like curves on a square/rectangular quilt!

  43. I would love to try it out and enter the challenge

  44. I would like to make a DWR my sister got the family DWR quilt when she married.
    I would like to make one for myself

  45. I love the way curves in quilting move you around the piece. I have always wanted to make a DWR quilt.

  46. How do I feel about curves? Well, honestly, they definitely scare me a little when it comes to quilting. I'm still new to the whole process but I love nothing more than a good challenge, an this would definitely be one!

  47. Curves - they are what makes the world go round. lhs4664(at)q(dot)com

  48. Curves never attempted them. Might be a good time to start.

  49. Curves? Let's see...I really don't mind sewing them and should maybe do them more often in my quilty world. I do love DWR quilts and think that they are really amazing on all levels. I should make one some day. Curves in the world outside of driving on winding roads = when the American Flag gently ripples in the breeze = a garden that features those little trees with the tops trimmed like a mushroom = CURVES...and my body in the mirror = TOO MANY CURVES...LOL!!! Would love to win the templates...look, they have curves!

  50. I'm attracted to these curves, but haven't tried them yet. I have a clamshell, apple core, and quarter circles on my "to try list" and now I have to ad dwr, ha!

  51. Curves make me a little uncomfortable :D. I have made one block with curves and did orange peel quilting on my latest quilt finish. Neither of these projects came out as bad as I expected, but there was definitely room for improvement! I do love the look of curves, especially in contrast with straight lines.

  52. In life I love objects with soft edges and interesting shapes. In quilting I like crooked edges and nonuniform shapes, but I've never tried curves. I've sewn plenty of curves in garments and other projects and have learned to go slow. I'm really looking forward to making my first DWR!

  53. What a special little quilt you have. I am less afraid of curves than I use to be and love the way they look.


  55. I am pretty curvy myself - ha ha - so I don't mind them. But I have been afraid of curves in quilting, so this would be a big step for me to conquer that fear. Thanks for the give away!

  56. I loved curved quilts but have not made many- I have in fact, made a DWR quilt- the acrylic template is a really useful tool to improve accuracy which is really important when you are piecing curves.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Your wedding quilt is amazing- those pieces are so tiny.
    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely rulers.
    Regards from Alberta, Canada,

  57. Curves! So difficult, yet so beautiful! As my quilting skills improve, I think of sewing curves as a fun challenge. As my age 'improves', I'm learning to embrace the new curves my body is starting to show :D
    Thanks for a chance to win the templates!

  58. Curves freak me out, but I think I get intimidated easily when it comes to something new! I really want to try the double wedding ring and this challenge may be the time for me to try too! I really want this ruler.

  59. I like my own curves, but I can't imagine sewing them, lol!

  60. I haven't done much with curves in my sewing but they don't scare me since I am blissfully ignorant about their challenges. So many nice things in this world curve, cookies, cats, fruit, babies, hands... ll_gee at hotmail

  61. I haven't done much with curves in my sewing, working on a dresden plate, taught to me by a fellow blogger, I actually met her in person. Thats a curve in life

  62. This is the first quilt challenge I will ever enter, I'm so excited! I've never even pieced a curved quilt (unless an apple core counts, but that was easy compared to a DWR). I'd love to win these templates. THanks for giving us all a chance to win these from you =)

  63. Wow, that's an amazing quilt. I've never seen a DWR so small. I have my Grandmother's but her rings are very large - about 22". Curves...I'm afraid I think of a woman's curves when I hear that word. Growing up, I wanted a few gentle curves but not big curves like I saw in some of my relatives!! :) Now I'm pretty happy with my curves; thank you for asking.

  64. Life always has a way of throwing you curves when you think that you have everything figured out. Why should quilting be any different! Through every great challenge is something rewarding. I am constantly learning when it come to life. Especially how to be comfortable with my curves, quilts included ;)

  65. I love the look of curves in a quilt but have always hesitated to use them, thinking my skills need to improve before I tackle one. Now my daughter is getting married, so of course we need a quilt, and with this challenge just starting its definitely a sign that I need to take the plunge and make her a DWR quilt. So I would love to win the templates so I can make a start, only 2 and half months until the wedding!

  66. Haven´t made a large DWR so far, but with the templates, I would love to give it a try.

  67. I love this pattern and have always wanted to try it. This may just be what I need to try it out. Thanks so much for sharing.

  68. So much of quilting is sharp straight lines. I love the curves in a DWR that contrast to the straight lines within the ring. It gives the quilt interest, moving and flowing your eyes around to exciting colors and scraps. The templates make it easier to approach this challenge. Thanks so much for sharing!

  69. Oh I adore curves in life! So feminine!! but in quilting all my curves have been done in applique but I do love a challenge so I think I am going to dip my sewing fingers in the DWR pond.

  70. I love circles in quilts, but I don't like to piece them. My skills aren't that good.

  71. I've been avoiding curves, but I think it's high time I confronted them.

  72. Curves look difficult, but I tried them and it wasn´t so bad :-) Greetings from Slovakia :-)

  73. I usually avoid curves in all things. I have made a few quilts with curved piecing. I would love to try a double wedding ring. Thanks for the opportunity to win the templates.

  74. In general, I am a fan of squares. But I'm trying to loosen up and embrace curves. I'd love to win the templates, thanks for the chance.

  75. I'm actually scared to try piecing curves. In fact I avoid them. However, I use curves a lot when I machine quilt -- something to break up the linear patterns that I tend to favor.

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. Double Wedding! How Gorgeous it is! I like the color too.
    I never created one yet.
    It may be too difficult for me.
    Jessica, your quilt connects to Hokkaido, doesn't it.

  78. Interesting and more effective post about Proposal Ring in Singapore. Lastly big thanks for sharing such contents.

  79. Your Weddingring looks so fantastic.


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