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I am still a quilter even though I'm not quilting.

Yesterday a friend asked me, "What project are you working on?"
and I said, "I'm not."

I have been taking some time to sort out the new sewing space and in doing so, I'm letting my mind wander.  See.  Touch.  Accept.
Every day I come back to the piles, I see new things.  Understand more.  I am looking at the story of my life and contemplating how I feel about it.

From that conversation: Just trying to consolidate and organizeSo many of my piles and deliberate separations don't mean anything anymore.  I see choices I made.How I hid and tried to find happiness in this accumulationGrasping at slivers of joyWhen in truth it's making that gives joyAnd using handmadethat brings the most satisfactionI long to sew again. But the time isn't rightI can be patient thereI think sometimes that I could make better use of the child-free evenings, but I know exploring other parts of myself is doing me so much good.  I can't hide in the cocoon of quilting tha…