Tuesday, February 7, 2017


2017, while surreal and dystopian for a lot of other reasons, has been great for me and my quilting..

My most recent project is Karen Tripp's Mischief Quilt.  It seems in the time I have spent focusing on writing a second book (2014-15) getting divorced (2015-16) and rebuilding my life (2016~), EPP has gotten hella intricate and complex.  I feel.. a little antiquated with my one patch diamonds and hexies.. but anyway.  Karen approached me to see if I'd be interested in trying out her new pattern and helping get the word out about the tutorials and community she has going over at https://thediyaddict.com/.  Of course I wanted to help.  
She sent a full kit with acrylic templates, paper EPP shapes, and pattern planning pages.  I'll admit, for the first few days I was overwhelmed.  Didn't help that both kids came down with some mysterious cold/fever/crankiness thing that resulted in total disruption of the calm routine I rely so heavily on for survival.  
Anyway, yesterday it was just me and Jack (he's got pneumonia) and I decided to pull some fabric and play around a bit. 

Of course, I have more fabrics than I could ever use (unless I decided to make a king sized one, but... not making that commitment this week), but I settled on a few that were making me feel good and got to piecing.

It's fun, the pattern has lots of possibilities, and after way too long not knowing where my quilting creativity was hiding, it felt really good to feel the motivation and inspiration flow.  I'm looking forward to a quiet time piecing the next units this evening.

If you're curious, please check out Karen's pattern pages and more samples for the Mischief Quilt here.

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