Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blogging-- or can it just be my online journal?

If you've had a blog for over 8 years, then you may remember that wonderful time around 2010 of quilt blogging.. when there was such a positive energy floating around, just as the modern quilt guild movement got started (notice I didn't capitalize the guild, back then it was just a really good idea).  Many bloggers who experienced that time have lamented over the years that blogging has changed, the community is gone, it's just not the same... and it's true.  I'm sure blog posts have been written on it, this doesn't need to be another one.  I do miss that era.  But I also miss my own early days of blogging, back in 2006, when I was reading a whole bunch of really awesome craft and home blogs and I wanted to write!  I wanted to say something and see if anybody out there would read it.  And they did...
But in the beginning, it was mostly for me.  To track my projects.  To sort out my thoughts on trends and process.  To record my journey.  That's what I want to do again.

Because-- I'm not in the thick of quilt industry stuff anymore. It was fun to be on the fringe for a while, to know people and watch my friends become successful.  But my life has changed, as things do.  I'm still on my journey, it just doesn't look like theirs anymore.  It has always been mine and I have always written from my unique perspective, but I think the intent is different.  I think this space can be useful to me now.

Over New Years I put up a design wall.  Rich said to me, "It's not your place until you put up a design wall."  Now that's the truth.

It is for him.  He is important to me.
We make quilts for people when they are important to us.  To strengthen that connection and to spend time focusing on it.  It's a good way to spend time.

I don't know what other quilts I want to make.  I would like to finish up old projects and let them move on.  To become useful.  My closets are full and I need to make space.  My goal for 2018 is to finish 10 quilts.  Not start and finish, just finish.  I have jotted a list in my paper journal, it's not at 10 yet, but we'll see where the year takes me.

Now I'm working on just these two.. the string pieced crossroads (I know this block has a name, but I have forgotten it) and Travel Quilt 4, from my last post.  Still sorting out a functional sewing space in the new apartment.. I have a lot of multi-use spaces so I can't keep projects out for any length of time.  Oh!  I also bordered and basted Travel Quilt #5!  So I'll also need to find somewhere to set up the Janome so I can put some lines of machine quilting into it.   Here's a teaser shot for anyone who missed it on instagram.  One side of the border went on a bit warped, I noticed while basting, but I'll work with it.  I am so so happy this top is done.  There's a lot of my life in this quilt and I'm looking forward to revisiting it as I quilt and bind.

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