Travel Quilt #3

Now that the 4 Patch and Squares quilt is finished, I've gone back to working on Travel Quilt #3 as my on-the-go/in the car project. 
I started this quilt, the third in a series (pics of Travel Quilts 1 and 2 are on flickr), when I was visiting my family in Chicago this July. 
this is what I accomplished during 4 weeks of naps and a bit of stitching every evening. 

I have been working on it when I can since I came home, but of course with access to my sewing machine and entire fabric stash, inspiration has pulled me in a lot of different directions.  But this is what it looks like today:

I was lucky enough to give a demo on English Paper Piecing at the local library group last month and since then, two local friends have started star quilts.  Add in Lesly and Becky (who I made the video for initially), it seems like diamonds might just be the new hexagons.  So I was wondering, what do you think about the idea of a 60 degree diamond epp quilt along?  No rules or anything, just a sidebar button and a flickr group to share our progress.  I thought it might be fun.. If Lesly and Becky comment that they're interested, I'll make up a button and get it started  (the local girls don't have blogs), and if anyone out there wants to join us, please lmk!


  1. It's not like I don't already have the papers... & Yet, I am just starting the hexagon...

  2. I like the creative way you've made the stars prominent by using all lights and the background pieces color, a great negative-positive thing goin' on. :)What are the signatures?

  3. Amy-- Let me know if you like hexagons.. I think with paper they aren't so bad, but with plastic templates I think diamonds are just so much easier. I also would be open to trying half hexagons, but the company i used doesn't make them yet..

    Lesly-- I know you and I are crazy about them, so if I get one more taker, I'll start..

    Leslie-- They aren't actually signatures, since I call it my Travel Quilt, I decided this time around to jot down the date and location that I stitched the stars. Other events are comemorated too-- there's a star for the birth of my friend's son, one for my sister's birthday..

  4. wow great beach and huge. i wish I were there with you!!!

  5. I'll do it! My hexagon project is too big to travel now so I was looking to start something new and needed to order more templates anyways. =)

  6. Yours is so pretty that I feel kind of inclined to join in. But I've never done diamonds before. Don't have any templates. Don't know what I'd want to make. Hmm. Maybe I'll think about it for just a BIT longer. . .

  7. That is such a lovely quilt!!!! Looks like to perfect place to be working on it too!!!!

  8. thanks khris!
    i love sewing at the beach, but there's no place to lay down my work to take pictures, I'm so scared to get sand in my seam allowances!

  9. I'm a day behind on checking my blog feeds, but I'm definitely in!

  10. OK, ever since I watched your video tutorial I've wanted to try this... and now that my machine has to go into the shop for a tune-up, I'm going to do it! Just ordered some of the Patis... wish me luck. I guess this means I'm going to procrastinate on my knitting projects even more now!

  11. Hi Alex, I finally received your book in the mail yesterday and have not been able to put it down:) Today I got out of my hexagon comfy zone and have started piecing diamonds, I think I might have to buy some patties, these wee cardboard templates will not last long ;) .


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