Ooh ooh!

Did you see?! Bonnie is doing another mystery quilt! I have never done one before but I've soooo wanted to try one of hers. Let me know if you decide to do it too, ok?

I'm off to the sewing room to pull the required 5 Yards of scrappy neutrals in preparation, yay!
(ooooh, i need a good stash buster!)


  1. I was considering it - but I've never done a mystery - what if I hate it?

  2. then we just end up with more pieces to do a kitchen sink quilt someday..

  3. I'm not familiar at all with this blogger. You don't happen to have any photos / links to what earlier mystery quilts looked like, do you? I kind of want to have some inkling as to what I'm getting into. Especially as my stash is really relatively small so I would be using up a lot of fabric!

  4. I absolutely love your Header photo.

  5. Wow - my stash must really be lacking because I would only be able to come up with 5 yards of green or blue fabric. I need to start purchasing other colors...


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