Evening Star Quilters Show 2010

I guess I really dove head first into this quilt guild.  I only just joined in September so you can imagine my surprise when two of my quilts won ribbons.  I'll tell you, I was giddy all day from winning ribbons at my first judged show!  An amazing feeling.  It was a bit hard to focus on white gloving after that, but I had a great time, probably because I was beaming and very excited to talk to all the members of my new guild.
I really wanted to try and go slow with this group, you know, feel them out to get an idea of how this community is organized and how they run things, but by entering (and winning) at the show I guess I won't stay a wall-flower for very long.  (who am I kidding? I'm so not the wall-flower type~)
The show was good, small but well run.  I think there were between 75~85 quilt entries and there are the same amount of people in the guild (a pre-show email said that only 36 members were entering quilts though).  Lots of traditional, commercial patterns, workshop pieces, and some really nice art quilts.  A few scrap quilts.  I don't think mine stood out all that much and I think I'll eventually find a cozy nich in the guild.  I know a lot of names now, but I'm looking forward to meet the quilters behind them.
I didn't take many photos but I'll go through and post the few I have once I have the program next to me to give credit to the quilters.  I took the video at Constantina's request, and the end got cut off, but I said, "I hope you liked our show and I hope you get to come and see it yourself next year."  Oh, wouldn't that be nice?


  1. Jessica! What beautful quilts! Congrats on the two ribbons too, what an accomplishment. Looks like you'll be running the show next year! haha

  2. Jessica it was so nice meeting you at the quilt show. Your quilts are beautiful. I joined the quild and hope to see you soon!

  3. Congratulations on the ribbons! :-)

  4. Congratulations on your ribbons Jessica! I recognized a few of your quilts in the video!! Love the video idea - thank you for sharing!

  5. Jessica, Christine and I met you at the show, and I was so glad she searched for your blog. Your ribbons were impressive! Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much for the tour..it was just like being there! You are great on camera...a nature! If I tried to do anything like that..I think I'd just sound goofy!

  7. Loved it Jessica I have never been to a quilt show eccept the county fair when I was little and I fell in love with them ,yours are very pretty and deserve the ribbons,thanks for sharing,there is a quilt shop/craft store in Greece now finally.


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