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Ok, before I get into the body of this post, today is my birthday and I'm 31.  After a discussion at the Metro Mod mtg yesterday, I'm curious to know how old you are.  Please take a second and post an anonymous comment with your age only.
Just trying to get a grasp of blog-reader-demographics.  please play along :)
Ok, now on to the fun stuff..

How wonderful it was that the NYC Metro Mod guild meeting happened to fall on my birthday weekend!  So I baked these, which were so yummy.  The quilting was amazing, as usual.  I am continually amazed at the versatility of these quilters.  One meeting it's EPP hexies, the next a super huge log cabin, and another time it's a totally modern free form block of solid strips.  (Yeah Mary, it's all you).  I love learning about these artisans through just a glimpse of what they choose to share at each meeting.  It's like reading a really good book but you only get to read one chapter every 2 months.  It's not so much drama and suspense, but getting to watch the relationships form and creativity unfold.  I don't think there could have been a better birthday present..
Lisa and I covertly planned to wow them with two finished spiderwebs side by side.  To our surprise, Carol had one to show too!
Nicole's medallion.  Excellent placement of values..

Kim's hand applique.  They give me free-time envy..

I remember discussing this quilt at 15 mins play a few months ago, but I was stunned to put two and two together and finally see that the quilter was Margaret, OUR Margaret.  It was so cool to see this quilt IRL.

Mary's finished quilt from the Threads Together Bee.  I love seeing Bee blocks reach the "finished quilt" stage.

And here's how our scrap challenge project is coming along.  In May I took home a bag of Janet's scraps.  I made a bunch of "housetop" blocks and showed them off at the October meeting, but didn't know what to do with them after that.  Andrea quickly volunteered to add on to it, and we passed it on to Victoria yesterday.  So it has become sort of a collaboration/Round Robbin by accident.  Love it!  Can't wait to see what it looks like by February.  If I had to guess Victoria's path, I'd say she'll either slash it, or add on to make it king size.. what's your prediction?


  1. 43
    Love the quilts, by the way!

  2. 57!
    And your new header photo is lovely. :-)

  3. Just turned 50 this year. Been quilting for 10 years.

  4. 49 for three more months! Happy, happy birthday! Hope you are treated like a queen!

  5. I'm one of the *anony-mouses* (the old one)...forgot to wish you a very happy birthday, Jessica!

  6. Hi happy birthday!!!! Hope all your wishes come true
    im 27

  7. Love your new header, I see so much joy in your face. I'm 52 and have been quilting for 28 years. Yes, we really did make patterns by tracing around cardboard shapes!

  8. If you are 31, that means you were also born in the 70's. Hurrah! I'm 33. Happy birthday :)

  9. 36 - happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday. I am 38. Love the quilts!

  11. 64 a few more days. Happy Birthday to you.

  12. 49 and 13 months on the outside, 28 on the inside.

  13. 39. In California years, that's about 187. The good news is that being a Californian means you still get to act like a drunken 12 year and dress like one, too.

    Interesting post.

  14. Just turned 50. Happy birthday to you!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!
    ;-) 40
    I won't be slashing your top all up my dear... I may add a few more in my own blocks but know for sure, it will still be in one piece... and I will force myself not to make it King size...
    it's actually done already... let me know if I should send it on, or send it back...

  16. Winning the prize (so far) for youngest quilter at... 22!
    Happy Birthday!

  17. I didn't know it was your b-day until after you left. Happy B-Day! :) It was fun to chat again, see your projects and share the round-robin!

  18. Happy B-day a bit late... I'm 42...

  19. 40. Started quilting in my mid-20s.

  20. 44 :( But I don't want to be

  21. Happy Birthday Jessica!

    I've been on the earth 51 years but I still feel like I am in my late twenties I am shocked when I think I AM 51...

  22. I love the Spider Web quilts!

  23. I am 51 and been quilting since high school.during the 1976 quilting rehash I vowed to make a quilt like they did in the "olden days". Back then it was cardboard templates traced and hand stitched seams. I still have that quilt.
    Happy Happy Birthday! Love your work.

  24. Happy Birthday, Jessica! Thanks for sharing the
    recipe for those yummy squares!

    I'm 48.

  25. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! (I'm behind in my reader)


  26. Happy Belated Birthday....7 months and 2 days from my 40th...smiles...

  27. Happy birthday again!

    Ha, me, versatile? Thanks! It's too hard to make decisions, I like too much, so each project is often way different from the last. My bed looks insane piled high with clashing blankets, but it keeps me from getting bored!

    I'm 31 too, until February.

  28. 39. I live on Long Island. The quilts are beautiful. I have a 2 year old son and I get free time envy too sometimes!

  29. Happy Birthday Jessica! LOVE the Spider web - I'll have to add one of those onto my "To-Do" list!! And on Christmas I'll be 51 ... YIKES!!

  30. I'm 46. what a great bunch of quilts you all made. congrats on the birthday!

  31. 39 1/2 years old :o)

  32. 35

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! your guild meeting looks like it was a wonderful time.

    i love the round robin quilt that you, Andrea and Victoria are working on. i bet V does make it into a king. ;)


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