Raise your hand if you've been working on a binding this week!

What is it about the end of the year that makes us all frantically try to finish SOMETHING quilted before the calendar changes years?

For me it is this quilt, which as of right now doesn't have a name, but I'm leaning towards "Stashbuster 2010."  Please let me know if you have any better suggestions.

What?  you're wondering why you haven't seen this quilt before?  No, I didn't just whip it up in the week since my last blogpost.  It has actually been in progress since the spring..  Inspired by this corner of the quilt I bound last December, I wanted to try to make something that
  1. Used colors I actually decorate with.
  2. used up a lot of stash fabrics
  3. Looked simple yet held surprise areas of cheerful detail. (See, I've been playing with monochrome for a while now..)
I got it back from Shannon earlier this week and though I had wanted to have it finished and under a tree in a different state by Saturday, that's just not a possibility at this point.  The recipient should understand.  ATM she doesn't know it's hers, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't read the blog.  It turned out so much nicer than I thought it would.. at some point the top wasn't working for me and I stalled on it for several months.  Glad I forged ahead though, the quilting really smooths it all out and gives it a unified feeling. 
I love this quilt now, it turned into everything I had wanted.. and it matches my guestroom (and my family room) quite well.  That aged muslin outer border is a color I've been obsessed with all year.  So glad I used it.  I wonder what color will hold me captivated in 2011.. What was your "color of 2010?"

Ok, back to binding.  This needs to be in the mail before the new year.  Good luck with all your last minute holiday sewing!


  1. So pretty and Shannon did such a nice job with the quilting! I do love that monochromatic scrappy look! Happy holidays!

  2. Very cute! Love all those little surprises of fussy cut in there. I haven't been sewing at all. My family arrived and it has been go go go! Sewing will resume next week. Enjoy the holidays! ox

  3. Love those little bits of surprise! I'm impressed that you can give away something that matches your house so well.

    It's interesting to see the different ways people do things--when I bind (don't think I'll be at that point before the new year, but I'm close!), the edge is on top, and I don't use pins because I stick myself too much :) Good luck finishing!

  4. This is me, raising my hand! I was certainly working on a binding all of that week. It's done though. And gifted. Huzzah!

    I love your quilt! Especially that little elephant.

  5. I love the idea of simple from a distance but detail up close - very cool. Your new machine looks super exciting!


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