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Hey baby, what's your sign?

Yes, that title should definitely be followed by a very intricately hand pieced and quilted cosmetics pouch!  If a guy ever tried to pick me up with a quilt-related line, I'd be his for sure~ (of course, I'm not on the market, remember the hubs did get me a Janome for Christmas...)  No, but the real reason for my cheesy title.. birthdays.  Not mine (I'm Sagittarius, btw), but my friends.  Do you have several friends with birthdays close together?  I totally do, and I realized at some point that it must mean that I get along well with Aquariuses, Libras, and of course, other Sags.  Last weekend, I had two special birthdays-- my grandma (who got the pouch above at long last-- I started it in 2004!), and Shannon, who got the pillow below (made from the some of the scraps she sent me).

So what do me & the Aquariuses like about each other?  apparently, according to,
"Both of you are individualists and can't stand stuffiness. You understand each other and…

Ahh, naptime

Yes, naptime is wonderful, isn't it? Since we've been in Chicago I've been sewing stars like a machine, my fingers move on their own, working over this pattern that they know so well.  The travel portion is growing (I've got 2 more to add on to what's in the pic) and I'm happy to have a chance to work on this again. But when the little one naps and no one else is home.. it's soooo tempting just to fall alseep with him..  In my own house I have a million things to do once he's down for a nap, but here.. well, it's not really vacation, but nobody minded the other day when I took a nap too. :) I've been doing a lot of quilting in public here as well-- one day at the OL library:
(On a side note, I love how diverse the neighborhood has become since I left home 14 years ago.. lack of tollerance and diversity is one of the reasons I wanted to get out of here as a teenager.  But look! now even the library has books and toys in Arabic!) And yesterday I went t…


Just checking in with a shot of my pumpkin muffin breakfast from this morning.  C will be on his way to the airport again today to drop off one of our two holiday houseguests.  F had a good visit on her first trip to the States, and C did his best to show her every inch of NYC.  I hung back from most of the outings, but I did tag along to go see American Idiot on Broadway, which I totally LOVED!  The set, the music, the story-- I cried more than a couple times. 
I have been quilting, but sewing time is limited due the proximity of the sewing room to the guestroom and George's latest boycott of naptime.  I have put quite a few stars onto Travel Quilt #3 though, and it's ready to accompany us on our trip to Chicago on Monday. 

I'm bringing a few other hand projects (all ancient UFOs) and we'll see how much time I get to sew over the next 2 weeks.  My quilting goal for 2011 is to finish some UFOs, and I'll try hard to stick to it.  I'd also like to stop buying f…

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011, please be good to us all!
(*This wall hanging was a present from Mrs. Ito of Tomakomai, Japan.  Appliqued with traditional new years motifs.)
**ETA: Julie has a great post describing the traditional Japanese motifs over at My Quilt Diary.