Ahh, naptime

Yes, naptime is wonderful, isn't it?
Since we've been in Chicago I've been sewing stars like a machine, my fingers move on their own, working over this pattern that they know so well.  The travel portion is growing (I've got 2 more to add on to what's in the pic) and I'm happy to have a chance to work on this again.
But when the little one naps and no one else is home.. it's soooo tempting just to fall alseep with him.. 
In my own house I have a million things to do once he's down for a nap, but here.. well, it's not really vacation, but nobody minded the other day when I took a nap too. :)
I've been doing a lot of quilting in public here as well-- one day at the OL library:

(On a side note, I love how diverse the neighborhood has become since I left home 14 years ago.. lack of tollerance and diversity is one of the reasons I wanted to get out of here as a teenager.  But look! now even the library has books and toys in Arabic!)
And yesterday I went to the EP library's monthly quilt group.  That was pretty nice too.  I took some pictures, if they're decent I may write a separate post for them.  But for now I've got to go make the most of naptime and attach the next two stars..


  1. Love the stars - so bright and cheerful. How do you plan your color placement - or is it random?

    I decided a while ago that naptime is not to be wasted on chores around the house. Time for me to read or sew without an interruption every few minutes is rare so I'd rather have him "help" with the dishes/laundry/cleaning/etc and save naptime for me. =)

  2. Nothing like a good nap right?!!! I never felt guilty about taking a nap when my daughter was little, you need to soak up some energy to keep up with them!!

    I'm so glad you are getting some sewing in. And you got to a guild group, that is so fun. I never think to do that when I am away, I always just look to fabric stores, I must keep my eyes pealed for meetings too.
    Have fun Jess!!

  3. Will you have time to visit the FunQuilts Workshop of Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr in Oak Park? I would think that would be a place you would love!! Have fun. Hugs to George!

  4. I love that you are sewing everywhere! Enjoy your time. but come back,we miss you! see you soon!

  5. I am starting my first piecing piece and I wanted to start cutting my fabric while waiting for my templates to come, so can you help me out by letting me know how you cut your fabric? Are the pieces 2 1/8 by ? Thank you. Your work is beautiful and I love following your blog.


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