Life as it is..

I feel that there are about 6 other blog posts I should be writing, but this is what you're getting today, because this is what's on my mind.  Life feels pretty intense right now.  Graduation is quickly approaching and the pages of my second paper are not developing at an equally fast pace.  I've been distracted by quilts (what else is new?), upcoming travel plans (Boston, Northampton, and Athens-- in the next 2 months), crazy amounts of dental work (advice-- if you've been putting off a visit, just GO!), and regular life stuff.  I'm pretty sure I'm slowly becoming obsessed with Noah Puckerman (paper topic #2-- Teaching Paralinguistic Features through TV, example: GLEE) but because it's "school related" it's really ok, right?

Thankfully, George is content to sit and play playdoh while I let Travel Q #3 flow from my fingers in a desperate attempt to relieve some stress.  My favorite VeggieTales station on pandora gives us background music (mostly kids songs with a healthy dose of Jack Johnson and Regina Spektor thrown in).  He doesn't mind when I sing along, usually.  We'll sit like this til his motivation changes and then we're off again, playing til dinner. 
I know what I want to write, but the ideas don't always flow when I've got the time to sit at the computer.  As I stitch, occasionally good paragraphs write themselves and I've got to jump up to jot them down (like at the library yesterday where I found myself searching my purse for a scrap of paper to capture the phrasing to introduce a favorite article about nonverbal language in sitcoms..), but at this point, I'm grateful for whatever comes to mind. 
Slow and fast, fast and slow.  I know life will be totally different once the semester is over..
What's driving your life these days?


  1. I've got a big paper and a thesis proposal and three trips in two months and I'd rather be quilting. But I keep at it,knowing I'll have a bit more time once I meet my deadlines. you're right that great sentences and thoughts can happen while your hands are completely busy with something else....but I think I need to have a go at my papers first. good luck in finishing.

  2. Oh, if only I had had a hand-sewing project when I was writing my thesis. Instead, when I got stuck, I always seemed to find myself in the refrigerator. I could have made a quilt AND stayed skinny. Hang in there - you will overcome!

  3. Time of your life! I love that George is content, and you really seem to be content too. Just the fact that you can sit and sew and de-stress is wonderful. Everything will fall into place beautifully. See you Saturday! ox

  4. Sounds like my life as well. Right now family is driving me. It is coming first over everything else. Obviously this is most important too. Your stress will relieve itself in time just like mine. Keep on stitching to relax.

  5. Love the photo of you and George both creating together.....a valuable lesson is taking place right there!

  6. University, kids, quilting... I can totally relate to this post! So glad to have found you through crazymomquilts! Loving the diamond EPP projects you've stress-released through! :-)


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