Monday, May 30, 2011

EPP Diamond Quilt Along ROUND UP!

Our English paper pieced diamonds quilt along is at a whopping 81 members!  Thousands of diamonds have been cut, basted & pieced.  Millions of stitches have been taken!  Let's take a look at the projects as they are coming along:

Clare of Summerfete has been quilting!  Her 2" diamonds are lovely.

Carolyn has a nice big section started:
Carolyn aka Laughing Duck
 Traci of Stolen Moments has some good tips to share:
Traci of Stolen Moments
Lesly at Pickle Dish has been piecing for almost a year..

Amanda of Home Designs by Amanda is just starting, man I love the fabric selection stage!

I love the fabric Teegzie is using:
Teegzie's orange diamonds
Audrey Pawdrey has started with some pretty funky stars.

Luv2sign99 has some nice bold stars:
Luv2sign99's bold stars.
Nuria of La casina roja has started too, and she has the sweetest sewing box!

And here's mine.  I've been shooting for 2 stars a day since our Greek vacation started, but I don't always make it..
Travel Quilt #3
If you would like to see more or join us, please visit the quilt along page!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


My aunt and uncle drove down from New Hampshire for my graduation (!) tomorrow, and Aunt Cathy brought back the quilt I made her so I could get a decent photo.
It was nice to see the quilt again, but great to have Cath and Tom visiting for a few days.  My dad's here too, I feel so loved~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Thank you so much for all the thoughtful comments on my last few posts.  It seems that although the stress of school has ended, the hours of playtime on the internet still haven't materialized.  But they soon will.. Greek vacation is fast approaching :)

Today I want to share some moments from my 10 year college reunion.  From 1997-2001 I lived in a wonderfully beautiful haven of super-intellegent women.  It was a storybook garden of a setting (minus several months of snow and cold) and has impacted me in ways I probably still don't know of. 
Smith, I love you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have been astonishingly neglectful of my sewing room since I stopped spending time up there a month ago.  But really, things were chaotic going back as far as last semester...

How did I let it get so bad?  And now that I'm able, where do I start?

I am anxious to sew, but I think some organization is necessary before I play.  Too many things are lying around, too many ideas that might get wasted or lost if I just push them aside.

I've got to take the time to sort the toys from the scraps (what happens when you buy sewing time by letting him play with the scrap bins)  I found a plastic scorpion in with some confetti money and a framed photo of me and C..  George, does this mean anything?
I started consolidating the monochrome scrap bins because that storage system really wasn't working for me.  I want to go through and sort everything by size again, it's just easier for me to be productive.  Well, at least I hope I'll be productive again soon..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day~

My mom, circa 1978.  She still looks the same really...

My mom's mom, with me at my wedding, June 2003.

My dad's mom, January 2011.

My Mother-in-law, April 2010.

These are the women who, through their choices as women and mothers, have shaped my life the most.  And even though they (probably) don't read the blog, I just wanted to say thank you.

I also thought today was a good day to show off this heirloom.  The applique blocks were started by my maternal grandmother when her kids were small (1960s) but she found them too tedius and her mother finished the quilt.

The quilt is well worn, but still beautiful.

I love having this quilt that holds so much of my grandmother and great grandmother's time.

Happy Mother's Day~

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7th

My papers are

Oh quilting and blogging, how I've missed you~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2

Yesterday was my sister's birthday.  She would have been 25.

Easter 1989.  L to R: Jessica, Theresa, Lauren, with dad & mom behind.

Travel Quilt #6 and some public crafting

I have been working steadily on Travel Quilt #6 since last fall and it is growing.  I got a chance to piece a few units while I was in Manha...