I have been astonishingly neglectful of my sewing room since I stopped spending time up there a month ago.  But really, things were chaotic going back as far as last semester...

How did I let it get so bad?  And now that I'm able, where do I start?

I am anxious to sew, but I think some organization is necessary before I play.  Too many things are lying around, too many ideas that might get wasted or lost if I just push them aside.

I've got to take the time to sort the toys from the scraps (what happens when you buy sewing time by letting him play with the scrap bins)  I found a plastic scorpion in with some confetti money and a framed photo of me and C..  George, does this mean anything?
I started consolidating the monochrome scrap bins because that storage system really wasn't working for me.  I want to go through and sort everything by size again, it's just easier for me to be productive.  Well, at least I hope I'll be productive again soon..


  1. Yeah, mine looks like that too. Time to organize, the chaos is not letting me focus too well. Love the toys in the scrpa bin, kinda like a treasure hunt for both of you!

  2. I am not lucky enough to have a sewing room! I work out of my living room (have all of my hand stitching stuff), dining room (cutting board central), and front room (sewing machine and storage-behind the couch). But My Mother's sewing room...You are not alone in this!! So much going on in busy lives!! You will get there!!! LOL

  3. So glad to see I'm not the only one! I work furiously on projects tossing and piling until I can't take it, then spend a day cleaning it all up just to do it all again!

    Looks like the room of a happy quilter to me!

  4. I had to do some serious cleaning in my craft room last week. It feels much better! Hope you have fun sorting the toys from the scraps. :)

  5. i have to get at my storage room a total mess. like you said how does it get that way?

  6. Hi Jessica, Ive just seen your U-Tube video and its great...very inspiring...may just be what I need to make with me sitting in the car heaps waiting for children...and it looks almost relaxing...loved little George helping out...LOL
    Thnaks for the Tute...never done any diamond shapes before...going to try real soon.
    Hugs Dawn x xx

  7. I know the feeling, I haven't even taken a break from quilting and I keep trying to organize my stuff and then try reorganizing. All my scraps are in one big bin, except strips of various bins. I think I like the jumble of all those pieces together. However, I have too many stacks of future projects sitting out, so I don't forget them. So far no solution to that one. An old adage works well, one step at a time. Bonnie

  8. Too funny the scorpion and picture and confetti combo....hmmmm, what does it all mean? Hope you are playing and sewing again soon!


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