A good start to July

4th of July weekend was awesome~  A little beach, a little baking (2 BBQs with friends), and enough sewing to make me feel normal again.
Orient Point State Park, Long Island, NY.

Dessert Pizza
 I made a couple leaves for Glen for the Scrap Bee over at 15 minutes play.. challenging, but I think I needed a challenge after mindlessly stitching all those diamond stars.. see more over on that blog.
I also whipped up something really adorable for George, but he's treating me like the papparazzi and won't pose for a good photo.  Maybe he'll be more cooperative after naptime..


  1. Your dessert pizza looks awesome! Glad you had a great 4th weekend. It was nice to be outside so much right!?!!!

  2. Yummy....its been a while since i have had dessert pizza...yeah to the sewing...smiles

  3. Your blog is delightful and your header photo is superb. Is there anything better than quilting and a beach? Please consider adding the gadget to subscribe via email. It makes it so much easier to follow a great blog.

  4. Thanks Nancy, I added the one blogger provides. Hope you pop back and subscribe~

  5. That dessert pizza looks soooooo gooood!!!

  6. Hi Jessica, by 2" diamond do you mean, the size I used?? they are quite big...but not as big as the big one I just made!!

    I am addicted to this pattern!

    I am making cushions (though it would make a fab quilt!?!)
    The overall block measures about 17"!!!!

    Will share soon.

    have a nice weekend.


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