Simple squares

I've been working on a pattern (in my sketchbook) with 3.5" squares for nearly a year now.. This week I decided to take George and throw a bunch of them up on the design wall..

 Working on it for 4 days now, and it's starting to turn into what I had imagined.  Cheerful, lots of hidden surprises.  The squares aren't pieced yet, and ever time I leave the sewing room I close my eyes and hope that the wind (or ceiling fan) won't blow them all off the wall. 
I've been pulling fabric from the depths of my stash for this one, all those novelty fabrics that I never use, and as I look around the room, I realized that I have A LOT of fabric.  Not too much, but I really better start making more quilts, like, right now.  How did this happen?  I haven't been intentionally buying for stash in a lonnng time.  Does the fabric multiply while I sleep?  I should start sleeping in the sewing room to stop that from happening..


  1. This looks great! Sort of a "Where's Waldo?" quilt. Someone will have fun looking at this!

  2. Didn't you know - fabric breeds and scraps are the most prolific breeders! Good luck with taming it! If you find the secret let me know as I haven't had any luck!

  3. I like it! Very bright and cheerful.

  4. HA! I wonder if sleeping in the same room as your stash would actually help?

    I have been trying to stash bust for a long time now. Just yesterday I noticed a dent. Can HARDLY believe it!!! On the flip side, I also got a shipment of fabric in the mail the same day. SO much for progress! (although most are solids, and in large quantities. those are basics, so they don't count, right?)


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