Sweet Home Chicago

Every year I try to get back home to see my family at least once or twice.  This year George and I came out for a quick two week trip-- just enough time to visit the ones we love and soak in family time.
George has been getting reacquainted with the cousins and hanging out with Grama.

I'm trying to savor every moment and make memories to keep me from missing them all year.
Grama K. making plum cake.

Each time I come home, I take the trip down to Lockport to go to Thimbles.  Gram always says,"oh, next time you should tell me so we can go visit Mary Jane."  Mary Jane and Grama were friends when their kids were younger and I hear that she helped Grama take care of me when I was a baby and my mom had to go back to school.  She's also one of the few people that traveled to Greece for my wedding (my side in attendance= 9, Costas' side= 241).  Imagine my surprise to get to Mary Jane's house and find out she's a quilter!!!

Mary Jane and Gram K.
For the record, Gram didn't know either.  hehe.

Well, Costas flew in today and I'm happy to announce that the wedding quilt I've been working on is finished, days before the wedding!  And Costas arrived just in time to hold it up so I could get a good photo.

It still needs a label and a run through the wash, but I think it'll be ready to hand deliver to the bride tomorrow.
Lizzie, quilt protector.
Many thanks for all the emails and messages you sent worrying about how we survived Irene.. Our house is fine, we just lost one tomato plant.  Really, nothing compared to some less fortunate.  Thanks for thinking about us.
Btw, the Trip Around the World quilt is not the first quilt I finished in 2011!  I managed to stitch the binding down on my NYC Metromod show quilt over the weekend~  Yay, two quilts done in a week!


  1. I was fixated on the photos of that plum cake fixins and starting to salivate until I saw your TATW! Wow! It is fabulous! Your colour selection was perfect - that orange just pops perfectly, doesn't it! I would be over the moon to get such a beautiful wedding present - I know she'll LOVE it!

  2. Well. - welcome to Illinois! I live about 15 minutes away from Thimbles! Have you ever gone to Roberts Sewing Center in Joliet? It's great?

  3. Hiya, I was looking for Nantucket quilters in Mass and you were listed under Mass. state. I was just wondering since it also says you live in NYC. Just curious...I like your paper pieced quilts very much, will watch your tutorial tomorrow.

  4. So glad you got see your family and two weeks is just perfect! We just got power back ourselves. So much to catch up on now. haha. Your trip around the world quilt is beautiful, such a lovely wedding present. oxo

  5. I love your TATW quilt, wow! Aren't they fun and so easy! I've made maybe a half a dozen over the years and the color play is always a delight. I'm glad you got to see family and Geo got cousin time. :)


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