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september 28

No, I don't really have much to say right now.  The blog has been quiet as I try to adjust to my new life, schedule, and routine.  So many things have changed, in ways I couldn't have even imagined when I wrote my last post.  The most profound and puzzling is my relationship with the internet..
I no longer feel the need to get online first thing in the morning, or check my blog stats and favorite blogs every day.  Now even sitting down to check my email isn't about responding to blog comments or browsing new flickr photos, but instead answering emails from my students and recording grades for their homework submitted online. 
I got a new laptop but haven't downloaded photos off my camera since the Chicago trip 4 weeks ago, and I spend more time making worksheets and lesson plans than I do thinking of or daydreaming up good blogposts.  It's not that I don't want to be part of the quiltblog community right now, I do!  I even hung out at Talkin Tuesday last night…


September has always been great at supplying new beginnings.  In high school I used to write a long list of goals for my behavior in the coming school year, things like "wear cute earrings everyday," and "don't seem too interested when so-and-so talks to you," "paint your nails".. I wish I still had those lists, they're probably burried in my parents' basement. 
This September has me making lots of lists too, but of the more practical kind like, "Call pediatrician," and "reschedule dentist appointments."  We had a long long long summer, but now it has come to an end in a flash.  Poof!  This week George starts preschool and I start teaching again, real classes this time with syllabi, homework, and vocab quizzes.  All sorts of new things are coming our way like a new bedroom for George and a new laptop for me (yippee!).  
I'd like to get some quilting in, but time is really not on my side this week.  I need a haircut an…