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september 28

No, I don't really have much to say right now.  The blog has been quiet as I try to adjust to my new life, schedule, and routine.  So many things have changed, in ways I couldn't have even imagined when I wrote my last post.  The most profound and puzzling is my relationship with the internet..
I no longer feel the need to get online first thing in the morning, or check my blog stats and favorite blogs every day.  Now even sitting down to check my email isn't about responding to blog comments or browsing new flickr photos, but instead answering emails from my students and recording grades for their homework submitted online. 
I got a new laptop but haven't downloaded photos off my camera since the Chicago trip 4 weeks ago, and I spend more time making worksheets and lesson plans than I do thinking of or daydreaming up good blogposts.  It's not that I don't want to be part of the quiltblog community right now, I do!  I even hung out at Talkin Tuesday last night on twitter, but life is very full and the stuff on my plate is keeping me more than busy, so I guess I just lost the need to look elsewhere for mental stimulation..

Before you go off and start worrying about me, let me say that I love my new job.  Love it!  I think I may have been born to teach ESL.. and I feel a sense of balance has been restored to my life, something that had been lacking since I left my old job in '08 to stay home with George.  I feel important, needed.  My knowledge matters.  I assume everything I'm feeling is just a normal part of the transition from SAHM to "working mother,"  so I'm really not too worried about any of it.  Just thought I'd pop in and let you all know that I'm fine, happy, and surprisingly, still quilting.  I've been string piecing this week, finally putting together some big big spiderweb blocks to hopefully make a dent in my strip scrap stash.

I'll leave you with these photos of George, my new favorites, taken this morning at the LI Children's Museum.  Somehow they reflect how I'm feeling these days, but in a good way..

I so wish this weren't blurry!


  1. Great pictures! Congratulations on your new job - you sound very happy and fulfilled by your new role :) Well done!
    Lucy x

  2. Glad to hear it is going well! Hopefully without the creepy cell-phone photo takers this time!

  3. Hi Jessica
    I enjoy visiting your blog. Congrats on returning to teaching. I know first hand that being a teacher fills your life. I retired after 30 years in education about 7 years ago.
    With two children, a husband and a home to keep, teaching kept me very busy. the years fly by when you are that busy. I loved teaching and still miss it very much.
    The photos of your little boy are so cute!
    hugs from Louisiana

  4. Hooray you love it! It was nice to hear from you. How does George like his preschool?

  5. Ooooh, I love the picture of all those Georges!!! Good luck with your year. Hope we will see you now and then.

  6. It all sounds good. Know you were missed on Saturday. Happy quilting and working, etc. etc.


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