Welcome 2012!

I have more than a few New Year's resolutions this year, most stemming from the important realization that I do have the power to live the life I want.  So this is my first-- when possible, choose to be happy.  If it means appreciating the things I have or learning to let go and try something new, I am going to make a conscious effort to be happy more often than not.  And in case I forget, I put it on a quilt to remind myself.

My other goals for 2012:
  • find homes for those orphan blocks
  • revisit awesome projects that got shelved for one reason or another
  • crumb quilt?
Here's hoping that 2012 brings happiness to everybody, at least most of the time..


  1. What a great idea! That is wonderful!

    Thank you!

  2. Happiness is a good goal...not always possible....but a good aim. I'm with you on the crumb quilt idea. When do we start?

  3. Brilliant quilt! Totally agree, more happy!! :)

  4. Love your quilt AND your goals!

  5. lovely quilt and perfect resolution! happy n y!

  6. A fun and happy quilt! And a great goal for the year. I agree--we choose our happiness every moment.

  7. and my goal is to build stash and begin more ufo's! LOL!!

  8. Love it! What a great way to stay present to your goals :) Happy new year.

  9. Great looking quilt! Good luck with your 2012 goals we are all rooting for you!

  10. I am just catching up now with my blog reading - can I still wish you a happy New Year? :-) I LOVE your quilt, it's a great resolution. Good luck with all your goals!


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