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Stash busting is the goal of the year, right?  Well, I started a new board on pinterest and it's filling up pretty quick.  If you have suggestions I'd love to hear them (send links and I'll pin them, k?)
I actually started this one last week, right after my awesome stitch n bitch on the 29th.  Bernadette wanted to start something new and I pointed her in the direction of one of my favs-- Material Obsession's "Fractured" quilt.  She dove right in and started piecing, and the rest of us joked that it would be our little group's first challenge quilt.  Silly me, I took up the challenge...
I have always wanted to make this quilt, and even started with a test block a few years ago (which I can't find, btw).  The pattern was printed in Down Under Quilts, issue #136 from 2009.  If you don't subscribe, it is also available for purchase here
Nifty made one a while back and I love how hers came out, especially the back.  I hope mine ends up that cool.  I absolutely love that it will take 112 fabrics if I do each block with two separate prints.  Yes, I definitely have that much stash, and yes, it will be a pleasure to bust it.  :)

I spend most of the week pulling fabrics, pairing them, and cutting blocks.  I'll slash some and make piles at the sewing machine to get to when I've got a few minutes to spare.  I think this will be a good machine project for once school starts again and I won't have a lot of planning time in the sewing room.  Right now I've been pulling  a lot of purples..
I think my initial turn off when I did the test block a few years back was having to trim up each patch before completing the 9-patch, but now I'm not so scared of that.  The motivation to use up fabric is really compelling, I guess I'm willing to do anything..
Anyone else start in on your 2012 quilt goals yet?


  1. what a neat idea for a quilt...i will have to try it.
    I enjoy reading your blog...
    hugs from South Louisiana

  2. That's a great pattern!! I will have to try it someday... I am still in the middle of two quilts but bought fabric this week to start a new one! Woo-hoo!

  3. How cool is that! I haven't seen that pattern before. Can't wait to see how this progresses.

  4. I'm sure you'll have fun making this quilt! When I made it, I looked and looked for the pattern, but couldn't find it. So I just winged it, but it wasn't easy. THEN I found out that Material Obsession actually sells the pattern on their site. Duh. www.materialobsession.com.au

  5. I am still trying to finish my bulls' eye, but every time I open it, Bhu jumps on it to inspect mai work and then decides to take a snooze. URG. Love the "Fractured" pattern and now I want to make one, too. Looks like it would make a great thread-saver project! xxoo Patty

  6. I love it! I have hit a wall with my color choices. Can't wait to see it.


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