Got my hopes up..

This week seemed to get off to a great start.  George went back to school after 2 weeks of Easter break and I had the kitchenette and the morning to myself.  I turned on the radio and went about rearranging furniture to make a good sewing set-up..
 I moved the table over so I could plug in the sewing machine (finally!),
 (a view from the opposite angle)
And I set up a cutting area and the ironing board.  It was working out really well.  I even sewed a belated bee block for Mary~
I played on line, caught up on blogs, and even got inspired to sew something totally not on my sewing to-do list (more on that later), but then.. it all came to a screeching halt.
George got sick again (2nd time in 3 weeks) and has been home from school for the past 2 days.  I moved all the furniture back and put the sewing machine away.  Yesterday we played playdoh on the table and the little sofa is again covered in laundry to be folded/ironed.  I am back to hand stitching in front of the tv while I try to feed him and keep him from getting cabin fever.  
My big quilting projects are crawling along at a snails pace.  Maybe I'll have better luck next week?


  1. Awe poor chap, must be a shock to the system to be in a different country?
    Lovely bee block, very Greek colours!
    Our to-do lists are eternal!

  2. Sorry that George isn't feeling well. :( I hope is is up and running around soon. Love your clock.

  3. Do I spy a bear paw block? very cute! sorry to hear George is sick - it's really interesting how localized immune systems really are [well, from a purely academic perspective]

  4. I love your little sewing kitchenette. Just goes to show, we can sew anywhere. I hope your son feels better very soon. Sitting with him and your hand sewing sounds so sweet.

  5. That is a great set up! Sorry George isn't well, hope he feels better quickly so he can get back to school and you to sewing :)

    p.s. would you mind turning the word verfication off please?


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