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A getaway

I went to London last week to meet up with some girls that I recently met through the blog.  It was awesome to finally see them in person.  Over the last few months we've been talking by phone and email and they have encouraged and inspired me so much, both in quilting and in life.  We talk art and design, colors and patterns, and they are always making me think of something new.I really value these new relationships and appreciate that they could all take the time to meet last week and talk over coffee and courgette cake (which was wonderful, btw!).
Though it was a short trip, we did our best to see the sights. 
Costas and George both had fun, and the three of us were exhausted from walking all over the city, which has quickly become one of my new favorites.  Most family photos are posted on facebook (for my family only), but I'll leave you with a bit of heaven-- I got to go to LIBERTY...

After an emotionally draining 9 weeks living in Athens, walking into Liberty was a breath of fresh air.  Immediately calm embraced me and I was happy and peaceful.  (I was pretty happy our whole time in London actually).  I started in stationary but just browsed (Makiba, I could imagine you being there with me..), then moved up to the third floor where my guidebook promised "haberdashery".
I have mentioned before how starved I feel for needlcrafts and personal creativity/handmade goods when I come to Greece.  I need to clarify for a moment.. there are needlecrafts here (and craft bloggers-- Theodora, Zaferia, Jana, Teje, Constantina), just not in my neighborhood or social circle.  I often feel very much the outsider, very alone even though I know the world is teeming with fiber-crafty people.  So you can imagine how elated I felt to step off the elevator and see this:

A part of me felt like I was home. <3
I will admit that I have never been crazy for Liberty fabrics, but this must have been because I had never actually seen and held any.  But I am a convert.  Now that I own my own little beautiful, precious, and insanely expensive bundle of prints, I finally understand what all the hype is about.
And it was really hard not to leave with one of those sewing baskets too (but how the hell would I have gotten it on the plane?!)
We've got just a few more weeks left in Athens and I'm trying to make the most of them.. I've got a "real" job waiting for me when I get home (and a dusty house without a housekeeper!).   Unfortunately I think it won't be until then that I can crack into my Liberty fabrics, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. Can you believe I live in England and have yet to step foot in Libertys, I've even passed the shop too. Cannot wait to see what you purchased, it's not just liberty fabrics that are expensive in the UK :(

  2. Can I tell you my FIL just came home (from 18 months in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor) and he shipped home four big boxes. It cost him $35 whereas the airlines would have charged him $75 per box!!! Crazy!!

  3. Fun! I love that you guys had a little quilty meet up in London. That sounds quite magical. I hope the rest of your time in Greece isn't as emotionally exhausting and that all of life's jumping around goes as smoothly as possible. Smooth like the hand of that Liberty fabric ;-)

  4. I would have bought the sewing basket and had it shipped home in fact I don't know if I could only have bought one they are all beautiful.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing the Liberty experience. It was wonderful. I hope I get to go there one day. The cottons, the wool, the fabrics....just delicious!

  6. The only problem I have with Liberty prints is cutting into them!

  7. Hi Jessica! I know how you feel and that's why I'm so, so, so happy to be a part of this amazing blog world and all the wonderful blog friends around the world! Wow, those fabrics, books and everything looks fantastic!
    I can't believe that soon you already leave ... it felt so nice to have you here (funny how it felt like you are a friend really close to me - never met and you are in Athens and I'm in Crete). But I'm happy for you to be again able to find all the wonderful fabrics 'on your doorstep'! x Teje

  8. Hello Jessica and what a wonderful time you must have had over at Liberty and the sights of London . I love their fabrics and the shop near me used to carry a line of it and I remember going there and buying cut of it each time since it is expensive ,I now have a nice size stash I will use it soon . I hope the rest of your stay here in Greece will be joyful for you .Theodora

  9. Looks like you had a great day.

  10. Hey Jess, we missed you Saturday!!... But it seems a day in Liberties was a good excuse! I love that store, but still gasp at how much the fabrics are...Enjoy your last few weeks in Athens! Safe travels!

  11. i LOVE Liberty fabrics! yes, it would be hard not to be a convert after touching and seeing them. they are so fine!

    i don't think i would be able to leave the store if i stepped foot in it. i think i'd just move right in. ;)

    hope you have a good trip home...if you aren't back already!


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