A bit of this and that

I haven't done anything on my small projects sewing list, but I have spent some time stitching up other things..
like a super-belated bee block for Jackie:

And some repair work on one of George's little friends:
 (Why I attempted this with quilting cotton and a #10 between is beyond me..)

And that's about it.  We had a very full weekend with a Scouts' Barbecue and an African festival, which I may get around to posting about if I can sort out the photos.  Blogger is giving me a bit of trouble with uploads today so they may have to wait...


  1. Very cute geese and a "Good Mommy" Award for fixing George's dog. The dog looks a little sad in the face - must have been the side effect of the numbing shots. Enjoy your summer - what an experience you and your family are having!!

  2. aahh toy surgery! I had to do an operation recently too! Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)

  3. I just did 'surgery' on a bear yesterday! LOL I just love it when they come up to you and ask if you can fix it! I just roll my eyes and say 'Well of course I can!!'

  4. Hey Jess, Dawn from SCQG. love reading your blog and watching George grow. You must be feeding him well. he is growing like a weed! started my own blog. check it out. sewyouquilt2. also love 15 min to quilt with bumblebeans and ideas and challenges that she poses. Now where did that dusty blue fabric end up? gotta match it up with the mauve and other challenge colors to start mine! no WONDER I have UFOs. lol


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