Our last week in Greece was spent here:
Santa Maria Beach, Paros.

 And not surprisingly, I didn't get a lot of quilting done. 

Adjusting to life back in NY took a lot longer than I was expecting, jetlag was harsh (almost 10 days to get over it) and our new summer "routine" kinda hit me like a ton of bricks.  For weeks I've felt like I've been trying to dig myself out from a constant avalanche. 
I am very very happy to be home though, and happy to be working again.  My summer job rocks and I get to spend my mornings busy and surrounded by fun people.  I've also had the chance to meet up with many many quilting friends who have been coming over to help me finish a big project, like a good old fashioned IRL quilting bee.  I keep meaning to take pictures, but we're usually too busy stitching and gossiping to remember to take any. 
When they come over again, I'll put my camera (or I should say my phone) on the table so I don't forget.
My sewing room is a bit of a mess and I'm quite behind on virtual Bee obligations, which I hope to get to soon.  There are only so many hours in the day though, and you can't spend all of them inside, right?  Here's to hoping summer's intensity wears off soon..


  1. ahhhhh:) I wouldn't sew much there, either. Fun set of heart rocks!

  2. Great that you're back, I missed you. :-) Paros looks wonderful. Enjoy summer, in the winter months you have more than enough opportunity to enjoy the indoors... ;-)

  3. Welcome back! You've got a great collection of heart rocks. I collect them too!

  4. Hi! I'm happy for you to be at home again and meet your friends and family! Your photos are beautiful and I hope you had a wonderful time in Greece! x Teje

  5. hey I was just thinking of you!
    looks wonderful!!

  6. Awww, look at all of those heart rocks :-) I'm glad Greece was a fun adventure. Welcome back stateside :-)

  7. Missed you too, glad you're home. Can't wait to see the "big project"!

  8. Welcome home! Beautiful pictures. And the stones are shaped like hearts. :)


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