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This is not my first time.

But the internet has changed so much in 4 years that I really began to worry about how to share this information.  Facebook, the logical 2012 answer to "how to tell anyone anything" just didn't seem like the right venue for news so personal and monumental.  (but of course I have to link this post on FB for fear that my family will revolt otherwise..)
No, instead I wanted to share this my way, in the comfort of my own blog.

Here he is, baby #2. 

Due January 2013.  Insomnia explained.

Catch the moment

This morning George got up early (I had a good night sleep, thank goodness), and was feeling creative I guess.  He said he wanted to paint.

Why not?  7:30 in the morning?  I didn't have to go to work, what else should we have been doing? So he painted.

He made a picture of Thumper's family in their burrow from the book "Thumper and his Sisters"
 We read the book a few nights ago and I was really happy to see him want to draw/paint a picture of something, because most of his recent artwork is more on the abstract side.

This is still pretty abstract, but when he points out what each shape is supposed to be, it's pretty easy to follow.  I'm happy that he can express himself and that I was patient and open to the idea of an early morning art session.  Hell, I'm most creative in the early morning, I shouldn't be surprised that he is too. 
When do you feel most creative?


So I've been having a bit of insomnia lately.. a bit more often than I'd like actually. Two or three nights a week I find myself up from 3-6 a.m. or thereabouts.
Makes me wish I had maintainted that twitter account a bit better and had friends to talk to at this hour, but then again, I really wish I were sleeping.
I think I know the reasons behind this crazy messed up sleeping pattern, and I'll be ready to share most of them in the next few weeks, but for now let's just call it "stress", ok?
This has been one intense, full, and hectic year.  One in which my life has grown and changed in so  many ways, but this blog which has been my daily companion for 6 years now, has gone by the wayside.  I feel.. disconnected. 
So out of the loop.
And I miss it.  I miss it on nights like tonight when I'm up with time to kill, reading blogs and seeing what everyone else is making and doing.  Now I've been doing plenty of making and doing myself, none of which I can…

It's been a long time

Guess what's finished and on its way to the long armer?

I worked on this top for a little more than 2 years, and I. Love. It.
Just a teaser shot for now, thanks for your patience...