So I've been having a bit of insomnia lately.. a bit more often than I'd like actually. Two or three nights a week I find myself up from 3-6 a.m. or thereabouts.
Makes me wish I had maintainted that twitter account a bit better and had friends to talk to at this hour, but then again, I really wish I were sleeping.
I think I know the reasons behind this crazy messed up sleeping pattern, and I'll be ready to share most of them in the next few weeks, but for now let's just call it "stress", ok?
This has been one intense, full, and hectic year.  One in which my life has grown and changed in so  many ways, but this blog which has been my daily companion for 6 years now, has gone by the wayside.  I feel.. disconnected. 
So out of the loop.
And I miss it.  I miss it on nights like tonight when I'm up with time to kill, reading blogs and seeing what everyone else is making and doing.  Now I've been doing plenty of making and doing myself, none of which I can show you because no one appreciates a 4am photo shoot, right?  But I'll show you this..

My latest impulse buy (thank you Joann's sale emails), a 40 yard roll of Warm & Natural.
And it's not just sitting there either, I've been cutting off this roll left and right.  Things are getting quilted, things are getting done.
But life moves too fast to blog about it all. 

The new semester is starting next week, and I've been trying hard to prep ahead of schedule this time around so I can avoid late night lesson planning (which never really goes as well as I'd hope in class the next day) and give myself some breathing room (maybe even blogging room) in the new weekly routine that's about to work itself out.  I've got 6 classes at 2 different universities this year.  All ESL, mostly writing and grammar, with a fair amount of accent reduction thrown in.  (Lesly, if you're up in the middle of the night and want to chat about teaching stress-attracting suffixes, lmk!)
I'm really looking forward to school, and fall, but mostly to the end of this chaotic summer that I've had.  I'm just not a summer person and I realize this more and more as I get older.  Is anybody else looking forward to putting this hot muggy season behind us?

I think I sleep better with cooler weather too.  Well, I know I sleep better under a quilt anyway.


  1. good luck with school. Summer will pass and we will be into the Fall and perfect" quilt cuddling " weather. and stress too will pass just as the seasons do. keep your chin up and sew. it's good for the soul.

  2. Our semester just started last week (I'm in administration at a university) and I'm so happy that first week is over! I hope you have a good start to your year! And it's awesome that you've been getting so many projects quilted and finished up!

  3. Hi Jessica! I absolutely wait this summer to finish and get some lovely autumn weather and more sewing! Good Luck for the new season at school and I hope you have also plenty of time to sew and quilt! x Teje

  4. Sorry about the stress - I feel you!!
    I'm not a summer person at all either - hence living in the UK ;)
    I'm very jealous of that massive roll and glad you're getting projects done, that always feels good! Also great you're teaching so many classes and mixes it up nicely teaching at 2 different places. You won't be bored!! xx

  5. Hi Jessica, I know what you mean I was up the other night from 2-5:30 and up for the day at 7am! UGH! Next time your up send me an email!! I LOVE summer! But I have central air so it's much easier to quilt in the heat. As a high school nurse I for one really don't look forward to going back to school! I always have a summer count down starting on the first day of school!! Good luck with the stress.

  6. Oh...I was up last night also from 3:30 until about 6:00. It is stress! I work as a administrator at a college and our summer just ended our fall starts in 2 weeks. I can't wait for things to settle down. I need to cut some fabric today so that if I can't sleep tonight I can do some hand sewing. Good luck with the upcoming semesters!

  7. I'm hoping that your stress will work itself out by about March 2013. I taught high school and teaching is a stressful job - so many thoughts about what has to be done, what can be done, who needs what, and what can I do to make my classes better. Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

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  9. I also wake up around 3am but I never get out of bed I try to use a relaxation technique my Dad used when I was a kid and couldn't fall asleep. I lie on my back flat and shake one arm then the other then a leg then the other, it usually makes me relaxed enough to slumber off again. I hate the summer I hate the heat I feel so alive in the cold weather and I sleep better too.

  10. I'm not a summer person either - don't like the sun, don't like the heat and I get bad hay fever ;o) Good job I live on the coast in the UK - we don't tend to get weeks of scorchers but when we do I'm a grumpy so and so! I hope the stress works itself out and you can get back to sleeping.
    P.S. I love the quilt in your last post!

  11. Wishing you better sleep in the nights (well, mornings) ahead!

  12. Hi Jessica! How's the new semester going? Stress attracting surfixes!? Sounds challenging but so interesting!!
    I'm not a summer person either... Summer here in Tokyo is so hot and I can't wait till it's over!!

  13. There will be no stopping you now with a batting supply like that! Hope you get back to sleeping a more normal pattern soon.


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