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To Do List

I don't teach on Tuesdays but I still try to make them productive.  Here's my day's to-to list...
Make phonecalls (some long overdue)Get serious about making progress on Amy's wedding quilt-- her 1 year anniversary is in 2 weeks..Buy George a new soccer uniform.  We just registered him for the local "Under 4" club, he starts Saturday.Play around with photos at, like this: And start to get some ideas for Laura & Katy's Travelin' Pic-Stitch Bloghop.  What? you haven't heard about this yet?  It's an EPP thing, so of course I'm on board.  There are still some spots left if you want to play along so hop on over and read more about it. I think I've picked my EPP pattern, but don't know what to do about fabrics yet. Must go through the 1500+ photos in my "pictures from phone" folder.  There are some real gems from our trip to Greece.. I haven't looked through them in deta…

Caught between two seasons

Just a few weeks ago I was lamenting the never ending summer and was desperate to get back to the cool rhythms of fall.  Believe me, I'm glad fall is on its way, but every time I have to reach for a sweater or change out of shorts into long pants, I wonder if my longing isn't misplaced or naive.

Nevertheless, I baked pumpkin muffins this morning:

They were good, and I'll make them again. (Recipe here)
But I couldn't help feeling it was too early for them.  And as I cleaned the house and daydreamed about putting up halloween decorations, I also felt conflicted.  September is a great month, why am I wishing it away? 
In September so many good things get to happen, like your husband taking your kid to the park by bike and staying there for 3 hours.  And not yet needing to slather yourself in body lotion after a shower to combat dry skin.  I pulled my house slippers out of the closet, but really, it's still ok to walk on the tiles barefoot.  The weather is perfect, th…

Baby Quilt

Once that "I'm having a baby" post was out of the way, I could start planning, testing, and asking for some feedback on baby quilts.

I have been pinning scrappy stash bustersall year so naturally that's where I started to browse when I wanted to find a pattern for the baby quilt.

At first I liked this one, but I thought it might be time to finally do this pattern, and then I found this.

And that's where I stopped and decided to do a test block.

The fabric I initially pulled looked something like this:
And then I wanted George's input and he helped me decide on these:

I started cutting squares based on Blue Elephant Stitches' guidelines and my first test blocks were promising..

so I kept going and by this afternoon, I had this:

I like it.  It needs 9 more blocks to be the right size and I think I want to add in more dark brown and less dark orange.. maybe a few of the lighter blues?  And the tree fabric?
Please send input.. I have to prep classes a…