Baby Quilt

Once that "I'm having a baby" post was out of the way, I could start planning, testing, and asking for some feedback on baby quilts.

I have been pinning scrappy stash busters all year so naturally that's where I started to browse when I wanted to find a pattern for the baby quilt.

At first I liked this one, but I thought it might be time to finally do this pattern, and then I found this.

And that's where I stopped and decided to do a test block.

The fabric I initially pulled looked something like this:
And then I wanted George's input and he helped me decide on these:

I started cutting squares based on Blue Elephant Stitches' guidelines and my first test blocks were promising..

so I kept going and by this afternoon, I had this:

I like it.  It needs 9 more blocks to be the right size and I think I want to add in more dark brown and less dark orange.. maybe a few of the lighter blues?  And the tree fabric?
Please send input.. I have to prep classes all day tomorrow and it will be nice to at least have email interruptions of your comments and suggestions.  Thanks.


  1. You've got it all goin' on, girl! Fabulous.

  2. congrats on the new baby! quilt looks great!

  3. Very nice! If you want to make sure this precious baby starts out life with good fabric taste, and an eye for good graphics, then this does just the trick! And the busyness will hide the usual grub of babyness... I love the orange that just pops out. And thanks to your lovely blog I am now about 1/8th through a paper piecing project -- only, like you, academic term is soon upon me and that rather throws the stichy rythm. (On first attempt, blogspot didn't like my 'Wordpress' identity. Not sure why.

  4. it is looking great! I kind of like the "more trees" idea and some light blue to balance the orange blocks.

  5. I think it looks fabulous George is a good little assistant and will undoubtably be a good big brother.

  6. Love it! I agree with your plan for balancing out the colors...should be perfect. Really fun!

  7. Mucho (don't know how to say in Greek)Congrats. Love what you are doing.

  8. It's looking great! I love the look, and it's neat that you gave big brother a chance to weigh in on the baby-quilt fabric choices.

  9. I like this one, as usual with your work. Congratulations on the new baby. I missed the news somewhere.. so I am wondering how long it will before the baby arrives? Orange is my favorite color but it needs some blue to give it pop and balance. I think brown acts as a neutral... but you have a good sense of what you are doing so you don't need my input really. I wanted to thank you again again for the tip to try the English Paper piecing Rose Star quilt project. I am going to add backing and batting and baste it next week ready for the next step!

  10. Hi Jessica! This looks wonderful - I love the fabrics, too!
    Thank you for a clear and funny video for EPP! x Teje

  11. Light blue-yes! How about some dark purple? Good luck with baby number 2. I love having two kids. And when the first one leaves for college (Friday boo hoo) at east there's still one at home.


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