Anniversary quilt?

I have a finish and I'm sooo happy it's done, but I can't show you the front!

I made this quilt for my friend's wedding, and it took me quite a while (her 1 year anniversary was last week), but I haven't delivered it yet so I can't show the front of it..  Sorry!

But hey, the back is pretty cool, no?
I used a UFO as backing. (sorry, bad photo, it was raining out)
It was 72" square, and was never going to become what I had originally intended, so I thought it was better to make the wedding quilt fun on both sides than to just let this piece sit in the UFO pile for another year. (This is a large version of my Ribbon block)
I like how it came out-- the quilt is 55" x 70" so the original top got shifted and lopped off, but I think the lines are striking, and they actually go well with the design on the front..
I hate having so many orphan blocks and UFOs filling my closet and cluttering my space, so I think I'll try harder this winter to use some up, combine projects, and clear stuff out.  After all, in the spring I'll be packing up the sewing room and moving it downstairs so George can have the bigger bedroom..

Anyway, it's been so long since I had a finish, I thought I'd share, no matter how little of it I can show off right now. 
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  1. Back looks great and love how you have quilted it. Amy & Jake will be pleased.

  2. Boy I thinkneven the back is a great quilt! Cant wait to see the front! I am a huge fan of pieced quilt backs!

  3. Congratulations! Finishes feel so good. Love the wavy lines quilting. Great back too!

  4. Way to go!!! I love the use of a UFO for the back. Gotta remember that trick. ;D

  5. Woo hoo! I love reversible quilts and that layered ribbon effect. Way to go, Jess!

  6. It's looking great Jess, can't wait to see the front :)

  7. The back looks wonderful, can't wait to see the front :)


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