What to do with all those awkward sized quilts?

You know, the 55" x 70", the really random 65" x 70"...
They're great on the couch, but when else can you actually use them?

How about now?  Early fall when it's too soon to turn on the heat but too late to sleep under just the summer coverlet..
This works great for our bed because only half of us are pregnant (and either too hot or freezing, depending on the night).  It avoids the dreaded "you slept on top of the quilt and I couldn't pull it up so I froze" situation (because no one wants to wake up angry), and it's a nice unexpected burst of color in a room that has been "neutral" for too long..

I love the quilt that goes on our bed in the fall, but it's 4 years old, and I'd love to have something new for this year.. I have a nice spiderweb in the works, but I doubt I will finish it before January.  I think using the random sized ones will satisfy my need for color and warmth at the moment.  Now if only I could figure out how to get this system to work when George climbs into our bed at 4am and kicks off my little quilt...


  1. Nice pops of color. For several years we have been using odd size quilts. My feet are always hot, but shoulders cold and DH is cold all the time. So we each have a few odd small. Favorite is 52" square.

  2. I did this last year and it worked great. Especially when the little person who shows up in the middle of the night is on top of the blankets. Mommy can curl up in her own personal quilt. :)

  3. That's a great idea and we should use our quilts when ever possible! We have still too hot, but after a while I shall enjoy wrapping myself into a quilt while hb is still wearing just a t-shirt. x Teje

  4. Random sizes, yes! I have quilts of all sizes throughout the house ready for any occasion. Some cover beds, some are just enough to cover my lap, one just cozies my freezing feet, and I am now working on a quilt to throw on my fainting couch.

  5. You see that big, blank space right next to the bed on the wall: THERE! Perfect place for an "odd-shaped quilt."


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