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Of all the modern quilting trends, the concept of needing to use more white in quilts was one I hadn't grasped whole heartedly yet.  Sure, I've used white in quilts, but I think I'm still at that "learning about color and balance" stage in my quilting.  I go back and forth between wanting to do color studies and wanting to just dive in and create with whatever fabric is in my hand.  Let's just say I'm not always so confident in the "planning" stage-- I'm much more of a "Let's wing it and see what happens next" type quilter.  (Incidentially, I'd like to know, which one are you?)

So as my SV quilt progressed, I naturally started thinking I needed a bold or dark border to "tone it down" a bit.  But I don't have a big stash of solids and every dark print I held up just added more to the chaos.  And I began to wonder if I could make the whites in the centers of the A block pop a bit more if I used a "white&quo…

A little SV?

This quilt has a terrible name, but it's growing on me.

I started last week, before Superstorm Sandy, and made 4 blocks.  I didn't like them.

I hemmed and hawed, thinking I could change the block somehow and have it turn into something I did like.  I played.  I cut more scraps, you know how it goes.

Then I started making several blocks at once (instead of: cut 49 squares, sew 49 squares, feel meh), and by the time I had 10, the pattern appeared!  And my scraps looked good and scrappy!

I've had thoughts of stopping at 12 blocks and adding a thick border, but then I look at my scrap bins (I found another accidentally today, completely jam packed with pieces perfect for this project), and realize I should probably keep going.  I have no idea where this quilt will end up (can't imagine it on my bed), but if I can clear through one bin of scraps at least, I'll love the quilt for it..

The name's gotta go though.. thinking about calling it "hurricane sandy".…

Project Patti Recap

On October 28th, while all of the Northeast was preparing for the impending hurricane, 100+ people gathered on the south side of Chicago to attend a benefit for my mother.

It was a huge success, and while I can't get into specifics, it brought in more than double what the family and planning committee had hoped for.  We are all very very thankful to everyone who attended, donated items for the raffle and auction, and made financial contributions online through the website
 If you are one of those who made a donation, let me say THANK YOU again.
The money raised will go towards paying for the care that my mom needs.  Mom can finally get an overnight or live-in caregiver and all the family that has sacrificed their time to care for her at home over the past 3 years can go back to sleeping in their own beds.  The physical and emotional stress has been lifted somewhat, and the family is all extremely grateful. 

One month ago, Bonnie Hunter very kindly posted about mom's conditi…