Project Patti Recap

On October 28th, while all of the Northeast was preparing for the impending hurricane, 100+ people gathered on the south side of Chicago to attend a benefit for my mother.

It was a huge success, and while I can't get into specifics, it brought in more than double what the family and planning committee had hoped for.  We are all very very thankful to everyone who attended, donated items for the raffle and auction, and made financial contributions online through the website
 If you are one of those who made a donation, let me say THANK YOU again.
Patti (my mom) with my sister, Lori.
The money raised will go towards paying for the care that my mom needs.  Mom can finally get an overnight or live-in caregiver and all the family that has sacrificed their time to care for her at home over the past 3 years can go back to sleeping in their own beds.  The physical and emotional stress has been lifted somewhat, and the family is all extremely grateful. 

One month ago, Bonnie Hunter very kindly posted about mom's condition and benefit on her blog, spreading the word much farther than I could have myself, and donations of quilts to be auctioned as well as $ came pouring in.  Thank you, Bonnie!!
Below are the quilts that were auctioned off at the benefit:

The first two were made by the Silver City Quilt Guild in Taunton, MA  (where I served as guild president, 2007-2008, before moving to NY.  You ladies Rock!)

 Both quilts were swiped up by my aunt.
Next up are a quilted table topper and Lime throw made by Janet E. of Janet Ann Creations
We also had a very cozy one by Heather B. in Indiana, which I heard there was some fighting over:
This lovely pink and green spinner by Debbie N. of Desirable-Junk in Ohio:
I heard it went home with my cousin's 8 year old daughter.  Perfect!

This blue and white stunner by Lesly of Stitch Literate:
(sorry, no photo, but you can see it on flickr here: )
I swiped this one myself, hehe!  Thanks Lesly!  It will be gifted to someone special who has taken care of me a lot recently.

And then the one I made, which you've seen before, but I'll post again:
This one went home with my cousin, Jacki.

Thank you so much to all the quilters that helped make this benefit a success.  We couldn't have done it without you!!


  1. I am very happy to hear it was such a success. I wish your mom the very best!!!

  2. Yea! Once again, I'm in awe of the supportive quilting community.

  3. I am so happy to hear everything went well. It's amazing how generous people are when they see a need.
    I wish your mom the very best!

  4. Thanks for sharing the quilts! I'm SO glad to hear that the event was such a success!

  5. So glad the night was better than expected!

  6. What a great post, people are so amazing and generous. I love the photo of your mum and sister :)


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