One Month

Here he is, my Prince Charming, at one month old:
We have been having the best time, and though things haven't returned to the "new normal" yet (MIL is still here and helping out A LOT), I'm sure they will fall into place as the weeks move on.
I finished Jack's baby quilt a couple weeks ago:
(Excuse the crappy postpartum mom-hair)
A take on Denyse Schmidt's "Any Way You Slice It" pattern, which I have never seen, but followed instructions for here at Blue Elephant Stitches.  It was fun and easy, and I realized I love it so much because most of the fabrics are ones I bought myself (as opposed to scraps or unwanted fabric I received from friends).  The palette is "me" but masculine, and I love that he's already been using it..
(You may have seen a similar photo on Helen's blog, she's a better blogger than I am, hehe)
We also received a gift quilt in the mail last week, all the way from Hokkaido~
(will edit to add a photo soon!)
Thank you Mrs. K!!  I miss you~~~


  1. What a lovely quilt. I agree the colors make it very masculine. And you have a darling quilt model too :) He just looks so snuggley in the quilt.

  2. Oh you look like you are having fun! Getting any sleep? both your boys are adorable. oxox

  3. so sweet. big brother looks happy too. they will be great friends!
    Thanks for sharing such precious pictures.
    hugs from Louisiana

  4. Like the quilt - and the boys, so cute!

  5. That is perfect and it is so nice to see how things are developing and growing. Thank you for sharing even at such a busy time.

  6. He IS a little prince! He and his brother look like a perfect set. Love his new quilt! Looks like he does too!

  7. The boys look so CUTE! You did good! Love the quilt and the monkey shoes! All of my very best to you and the family!

  8. Awwww - what an ADORABLE picture of him on the quilt!

  9. Happy 1-mo birthday to Jack! So huggable...

  10. What is more lovely than a new month (even with mom-hair!) and her adorable baby and a beautiful quilt?! NOTHING!
    I love the saying: "I am crafty. I make babies!" Great job on yours!

  11. Love the fact that you are quilting while holding the baby - well done for making the time for creativity!


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