March 28

As the weather gets warmer and Jack gets bigger, we are slowly venturing out of our nest..
I'm reluctant to leave the comforts of home though, and still many friends are coming to us instead of vice versa (sometimes regretfully, as I wasn't brave enough to meet up with Nifty as she took in the sights around NYC!). 
Last weekend though we were treated to a much appreciated visit from Bernadette.  After an attempt  to go out with the boys (it was quite disastrous), we headed home.  As I gave George a bath, Bernadette played with my pile of hexies and started piecing..
When George was done, he decided to help.

I love that he feels all of my friends come over just to play with him.  (And I am grateful that my friends indulge him).  After stitching for a while, we went outside to play soccer and he made obstacle courses for us to practice through.  Ha!  I wonder how soon he'll figure out that I have absolutely no soccer skills.. we had fun trying though.
I have spent the rest of the week working to finish what Bernadette started.  I don't know what it is, but I just can't get enough of these hexies..

***Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm about my book.  Once it arrives I'll give you a peak inside..


  1. I want to come play with George and your hexies....but no soccer, please! I love those colors together.


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