Nothing too small

I used to see projects in Japanese quilt magazines where you'd first have to piece together tiny tiny little shapes, quilt it, then cut the little patchwork into another shape to fashion into some other part of a larger project.  I used to just flip right past those fussy, time consuming little projects, too small to be worth the trouble.  But not anymore..
Hexie pin cushion, top measures 4" x 4 5/8"
Having all of those basted hexagons ready to sew whenever the creativity strikes is a really empowering feeling.. (quilting can be empowering, right?) My work was cut in half.  Making the whole damn thing was practically mindless (until the assembly part, which kicked my butt, but I'm guessing that's 'cause I'm still going on less sleep than I should be..), but most of all, VERY enjoyable.

And isn't it cute?!  Hope my friend likes it. 
p.s. I have some news to share in the coming week... make sure to stop back and see what I've been hiding. ;)


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