Taking Care, part 2

This past week my sister has been staying with us.  I don't get to see her often-- I try to make the trip home once a year, and she tries to come visit us once a year.  That's maybe a total of 14 days.  It's crazy to stop and think about how time has passed, how we "grew up".  In my mind, she's still about 14, maybe 17, but definitely not reaching 30.  (I'm in denial that Costas is nearly 40 too).
L-R: Dad, me, Theresa, Lori.  Circa 1998.

Lor's HS graduation, 2001.
It amazes me that in only two weeks a year, George has developed such a strong attachment to his only aunt.. probably helps that she spoils him, and that she became his primary caregiver for the entire time she was here.  Sure, I'm still Mom, but my hands were always full, my mind either groggy or focused on some other pressing need.  I haven't been very good at playing lately.  But Aunt Lori? Man!  I was impressed and touched at the amount of attention she could focus on him, the way she'd get him to cooperate, and encourage him to be creative, imaginative, and kind. 

George and I made Lori a pouch to say Thank you, but it's hardly enough.  Maybe just enough to remind her of the trip until she can come back again next year..


  1. Coming out to spend time with you and the boys was a PLEASURE and I only wish I could have stayed longer.

    I LOVE the pouch and am very touched that you made it for me. It will of course remind me of my visit and the love you all shared with me.



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